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    Kulithalai, Karur district, Tamilnadu, India
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    An ardent enthusiast of computer hardware/software. Supporter of open source software and an AMD fan. Surf internet daily for updating my skills in hardware and software areas. A linux newbie and undergoing a course in RHCE to master the intricacies of linux as an admininstrator. Read a lot of journals pertaining to computer science that are published from India and also online websites like pcworld, pcpitstop, linux world etc.

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    P3 866 Mhz, 256 SDRAM, 80+40 GB hard drive, Combo drive, Intel original motherboard. Latop: Compaq presario model v3200with intel core solo processor T1350 1.86 GHz, 60 GB SATA drive, Dual layer DVD writer with all requisite slots like wi-fi, etho etc
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    Linux Users Club
  1. [ font=Times New Roman] [/font] My experience with linux is narrated below. I have got a desktop with P.III 866 Mhz processor with intel orginal motherboard, 80 GB hard disk, combo drive, external modem, scanner etc. I have loaded my hard disk with dual booting with Win XP prof and Ubuntu 6.06 version. Though I have got an internal modem of DAX make, I could not make it work in Ubuntu to connect to the net whereas it works fine in Win XP. Then I configured the external lmodem in which I could access the net through both OSs. The net experience under Ubuntu is very pleasing to me and its au
  2. How to find out the manufacturer's name of my laptop battery(model Compaq presario laptop model v3200) which was purchased four months back in India from an authorised HP retail outlet?please guide me on this.
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