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  1. What do you mean? Do I need to actually use the software that came with the printer and install it on the laptop? Normally you should be able to just add the printer right?
  2. Here is the script error I am getting: An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line: 1174 Char: 1 Error: Unspecified error. Code: 0 URL: res://C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? I also cannot print from word, notepad, or anything else. This is a laptop and I'm trying to print to the printer plugged into the desktop. That desktop can print. All of this started after I had plugged in the printer/scanner (the one I'm trying to get to work) into the laptop so that I could scan pictures into the laptop. Since then it's been not working. This laptop can print to other printers though. Ugh.
  3. I'm working on a Sony VAIO laptop with 512 MB of Ram, 60GB HD, and Windows XP Home SP2. What in the heck is going on? Everytime I try to boot up the computer, it takes FOREVER. Not the part where programs are booting up, but when windows is booting up. The black windows screen is laggy, the scrolling blocks move slowly and go across like 15 times (on my computer they go across like 5 times). And the opening windows sound plays very laggy and broken. I did not find any viruses or spyware on thsi computer, and once it is fully booted, it runs beautifully. Ideas?
  4. Thanks for the support guys, I finally got it to work.
  5. I did, I tried downloading that and got the same error message.
  6. Yeah, I am 99% sure. I can't figure it out, I just got this PC from a guy and I'm sure he accidentally deleted the drivers or something, but I don't know how to get them back on and workingg.
  7. Every time I try to install the right drivers, it says "Can't find compatible drivers for installation, closing setup now". Or something like that...
  8. My laptop has 1.5 GB of RAM, Pentium M, and is just a pretty good PC overall. Problem is, the scrolling in my browsers are rediculously slow! I think it must be something to do with my video card, I updated the driver for it but that did nothing. The card is NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200. The computer is a Dell Inspiron 5150. Please helppp.
  9. Still not working, I've updated the drivers/firmware...argh... What do I do?
  10. I've been helping out my cousin who's printer all the sudden can't be printed to from his laptop. The printer is connected directly to his desktop which is basically his server computer. His laptop has always been able to print wirelessly until like 3 days ago. When I try to share his printer, it says "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed". What do I do?
  11. I'm not trying to rip anyone off... However, I'm running a business...I'm charging less than anyone in my area...I don't think that would be classified as ripping people off.
  12. Great stuff RayG, thanks. Few more questions, what do you charge? What optimize programs do ya'll use? (I really like the iobit.com one) Do you reccomend keeping the programs on their computer or removing when you're done? (The reason I ask this one is because I've had clients freak out when there were unfamiliar programs on their computer) What's the best way to get business? (what type of advertising, referral programs, websites, etc.)
  13. Thanks for all the responses guys, I would be running the business out of my home. I live in a small (but growing) town where there are relatively few options other than geek squad. They're charging huge amounts and as a former employee of Best Buy, I know that I'm as good as most of their guys. From what I've heard so far (from clients and such), I think I am going to drop my prices a little, but not much. People seem pretty open to paying me that much. I'm also running a service where I'll go out to someone's house and tutor them on the computer for an hour or two, this I'm charging like $45 an hour for. Geeksquad charges something like $150 for one hour of training. It's not how simple the thing is that I"m doing, it's how long it takes that determines how much I'm charging. Defragging is an easy thing to do (usually), but it takes quite a while and if they want me to stay there while it's defragging I'm going to charge them for it. Anyone have any tips about things their clients have really liked? Any advice? I realize it's kind of a hit or miss thing so I'm just going to stay flexible and see what I can get for my services. Thanks again!
  14. Businesses around here are charging up to $100 more than those prices for the same work. I'm still way below the normal price right, thus why I can afford to charge that much. The optimizing programs I've used have all had different tweaks they do. I included some of those in my package. Registry defrag made a big difference on my computer. I don't really want to leave the programs on my client's computer because, well, if they can do it what do they need me for? If I put the actual programs (programs that require a license) on their computer, I would just have to figure in the price of those programs into my package.
  15. Alright, I just started a computer business. I help people with spyware/virus issues, networking, etc. I've been doing all of these things for a long time for free but recently decided to actually start charging people . Does anybody here have any tips, suggestions, or advice? Here are my prices: Gold Package…………………….$225.00 …Software Updates …Operating System Repairs …Registry Defrag …Memory Optimization …Speed Tweaks …Registry Cleaning …Registry Backup …Hard-drive Defrag …Spyware Removal …Virus Removal …Diagnostics …In-Home Visit Silver Package…………………...$150.00 …Registry Cleaning …Registry Backup …Hard-drive Defrag …Spyware Removal …Virus Removal …Diagnostics …In-Home Visit Bronze Package………………….$75.00 …Spyware Removal …Virus Removal …Diagnostics …In-Home Visit Something for Nothing*…………FREE …Diagnostics …In-Home Visit *First time is free, $25 regularly. Add-Ons: …Online Backup Service …Disk Erasure …Software Installation …(1) Hour Training …Networking …Security What programs (optimizing, defragging, registry editing) do ya'll recommend? I am up for spending money on the programs but free is great too! I'd love to just pick ya'lls brain about how to be the most professional I can be. Thanks.
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