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  1. So, my computer has been fine until yesterday when I plugged it in, it didn't charge. My computer is an XPS M1330, I've had it for about 4 months. It's a 65W adapter. When I plug in my computer, it's like it's running off of AC only and have removed the battery...it powers the computer but doesn't charge the battery. I've reseated the battery, I've run it without the battery, etc...nothing has changed. When I restart my computer with the adapter plugged in, I get a screen that says that it can't recognize my adapter and that I need to put in a 65W adapter... Any ideas
  2. What I've done is backed up the messed up harddrive on another desktop and all that data was saved. Now I'm going to format that messed up harddrive and re-install windows. Three questions: What's the best way to format? What's the best way to get the information on the desktop back to the newly formatted drive? If I don't have the original XP CD that came with this computer, can I use any XP CD or does it matter?
  3. Can I save the data on this computer? I know it's possible to take out the HD and plug it into another desktop but I haven't done this before, any advice? After I do that should I just format C: and then re-install windows from there or what?
  4. I have but I'm not right now. Let's say I don't have the CD in the drive...I turn on the computer and everything starts up normally until I get to a blue screen that says "setup is restarting..." and then the computer boots up in safe mode and I get a pop up before any taskbars or icons show up that says "XP setup cannot run in safe mode. Click ok to restart." When I restart, same thing happens...when I hit F8 to go into windows normally, it still goes to safe mode and tries to run setup. What I'm asking is, can I cancel setup?
  5. Honestly, I feel like the computer would boot up fine now if I could just cancel the XP setup utility. Anyway to do this in the recovery console or using the XP setup disk?
  6. Alright, I tried mme's advice: Everything was dandy until when setup tried to run, the computer still tried to boot up in safe mode and while it actually booted up in safe mode (which is good), the XP setup can't RUN in safemode. I am about to try the chkdsk thing and we'll see if that gives me any results. Such a beating.
  7. What went wrong? Friend of mine had a virus. I tried rebooting the computer in safe mode by restarting and then hitting F8 repeatedly. It would bring me to the boot options page and I chose safe mode. The computer acted like it always does right before entering safe mode and then to my chagrin, it just rebooted and brought me to the "Your computer did not shut down properly..." screen. So I started it in windows mode. I went into msconfig and changed it to safeboot. That was a mistake. Now it will neither boot up from safe mode, nor start windows normal mode. I have tried using
  8. Thanks for the response (I decided to register). I would like to hear about volume licensing so I'd be very grateful for more information. I am willing to promote PCPitStop any way I can (I love ya'lls work) and would be using your product on all of my computers. Thanks for the timely help, Jonathan
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