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  1. HE HE... I'm sorry, I undersand. But this message has the goal to help gamers. So it's not a spam thx anyways...
  2. :( I didn't know that you were like that. The i'm sorry i gave you the link. Such people that behave this way shoud never use this site's features. I'd say something more but i'm affraid i'l be banned. :( ...and to think i wanted to help you PS: (of corse those this was ment for the mean people hwo call me spammer....For the other ones....i'm happy if i helpd you....)
  3. Hey i'm new to this site and i want to tell you about a site on wich you can find free games, games downloads, news, infos, cheats, and more... it's a web directory... i've told all my friends about this and they all have been very happy.... http://www.gamercity.org hope this helps ...
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