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  1. That sucks, but if you didn't get signed in 10 years, maybe it is for the best. Did the band do away with day jobs? If so, this really bites, but if you need day jobs, maybe it is Mama Nature telling you to give it up. 10 years is a long time to have a band no one heard of.
  2. The reason you are safer from virii in Linux is because most of them are written for Windows. Plus, Linux browsers and e-mail clients don't use ActiveX, and will not automatically enable a virus to infect you. There are Linux virii, but since you aren't supposed to run as root, they can't do much damage. You are always root in Windows. There are AV progs in Linux, but they are expensive. Maybe we should have a pinned topic in our Linux forum to list progs for security, like chkrootkit, Fprot, and others. That would be very cool help for the Penguin people. I'd like to know of security apps, because I'll admit I'm not always the safest surfer.
  3. Yo, myk - hip me on how to do that, because if all goes well today with me installing components, I'll be whacking Windows too.
  4. GreenTillDeath

    Dual Boot

    RedHat 9 is officially obsolete now. May I suggest SUSE 9.1? Read the pinned thread about dual booting before you do it. Definitely backup any data you need to keep before you start. I run a dual boot SUSE 9.1/98SE PC, and all is cool.
  5. OK, I use gFTP on SUSE 9.1 Pro (and previously on RedHat 9) for my file transfer needs. It worked great until my ISP mistakenly suspended me for a day. Ever since then, I can not connect to my webspace through gFTP, but yet I can run my Windows prog WS_FTP95 through Wine and connect and transfer just fine. I always make a point to do some solid Googling before I ask the forum, but this has me stumped. Please help a fellow Penguin dude out here.
  6. And we need a third party made of crocodiles to chow down on both elephants and jackasses. But first, we need a disease that wastes sheep like Andy Reid destroys a cheesesteak. If we as a nation are even comtemplating Bush vs. Kerry, maybe we do need those warnings on electrical appliances that warn us not to shower with them.
  7. Thunder (I refuse to type in eMpTvEe StYle), so you made it to Syria! Good luck, man. I hope Bush doesn't decide you are in the axis of Bush's evil. Good luck with the hoops, but your injury sounds wuss to me. How about catching in a ballgame and having some 250-pound lummox land on your foot and break it? OK, that's one thing, but then try pitching 7 innings the second game of the doubleheader until finally you crumble to the dirt trying to field a grounder than even a Philadelphia Phillie couldn't muff. 6'3" 243 - I ain't messing with you, bro.
  8. Steve Irwin is a lunatic, but can you honestly tell me they don't have political circlejerks in Oz?
  9. It's all crap that get spinned quicker than a subnuclear washing machine, so I didn't even bother to click. Look at what is the big news now: the national Democratic circlejerk. Of course the Dems will make all their lofty high-falutin promises, and revel in much Bush-bashing. OK, I can get behind some Bush-bashing, but how much real substance with come of it? It's as relevant as a KI$$ or Trekkie convention. The same thing will happen when the Republicans do their thing, but what can they sell us: "since GWB has started using Colgate with enhanced fluoride, his IQ has leapt 20 points on the Wechsler chart!"? It is all lies, we need a true third party that can go between the polarized dissension and bring some semblance of non-partisan, real life direction to this land.
  10. Check your settings for your connection. My defaults were to cut me off after 2 minutes. I managed to bump that up to 10 minutes. I run Linux so I can't really help with Windows, but there should be settings you can tweak in Control Panel>Dial Up Networking.
  11. MusicMatch Jukebox will rip .mp3s, and it's free - or you can buy a faster version, but the free works fine. It can convert different types of sound files, and you can choose the quality, like if you want to rip some lesser quality smaller files to be dialup friendly when you upload them.
  12. OK, some of my remarks last night were a tad bit over the top, so I just want to say I'm sorry to anyone offended. I just hate Bush a lot, but I'll try to keep a lid on my hatred.
  13. I'm sure I'll get banned for this, but he is both.
  14. Google toolbar is crap. For me, it's all about having max window space. Take the text out of the icons in the toolbar, and use small icons. You don't need a Google toolbar or a Yahoo Companion, just put those sites in your bookmarks (or favorites for you Windows people). Truthfully, I can't really give great help to IE users, I feel bad for you, but I won't go back to that browser to find out how to help you out. If you insist on using Windows, get a Mozilla browser and e-mail client, and stop using IE and OE. They are virus-riddled crap. I use Mozilla 1.6, but for you Windows people they have Firefox for browsing and Thunderbird for e-mail. Use them, you will be so happy that viruses won't get you like they get people who use the default Windows crap. Yes, I think everyone should ditch Windows and rock with the Penguin, but this is U2U, and I have given you honest Windows advice. IE and OE are an infection waiting to happen. If you're not brave enough to get with Linux, or if you are a stone gamer that really needs to run XP - at least use browsers and e-mail that is safer than what Mr. Bill offers. Mozilla. Use it, you will love it. There are other browsers too like Opera, but I think you have to pay for it. Just don't use Insecure Explorer and Virus Express, and you won't need all those extra apps like Lavasoft and Spybot. A firewall is still essential, no matter what OS you choose to run.
  15. Maybe you should just manually edit the hosts instead of using a preconfigured list. I used Spybot's host file once when I ran Windows, and it blocked things I didn't want blocked. Now I'm down with the Penguin, so I just edit it with things I recognize. There is a cool site called antiMUSIC, but I wasn't visiting it much because it took forever to load with all the Flash ads. I took the names and kicked the :censored:, and added those ad sites to my hosts file, and now it opens up right quick and slick. Don't use a stock hosts blocker, just add the ones that really get you mad manually. Definitely add anything related to doubleclick. Go to your hosts file and just add and the URL of all their crap. There are others to whack, but I recommend individual whackings rather than someone's hosts blocking script.
  16. GreenTillDeath

    Mandy 10

    Yes, don't feel like you're stupid, tarballs are not easy like Windows .exe. Once you learn them though, it's like second nature. I still have to come here and do a search when I want to install tars.
  17. Great article by Phil Taylor. Thanks for the link.
  18. 1. I don't have the money to move. 2. Hopefully the sheeple will wake up and realize that this government is becoming a police state, and will rise up to vote out the tyrants. 3. There's an 18-year-old who likes me, so I can't split until I get with her.
  19. Really? I'll have to Google that. NFL is the best. I do feel bad that most hockey clubs are now in America though. Hey, if this tool governing us wins again, maybe he'll destroy the economy so badly that Canadian cities will be able to compete on level ground. I love hockey, I hate my government.
  20. Canada is the greatest country on the planet. They fall short to Megalomerica only in the quality of their football.
  21. Weed should be legal. Ricky Williams is overrated anyway. Those who booed when McNabb got picked over him were tools who know nothing of football. The Eagles win it all this year.
  22. I used to be a diehard Norton supporter, but I've heard too many tales of grief about 2004 that I can't recommend it any more. Go with one of the freebies or purchase Panda. Or, even better, run Linux. Tux rocks.
  23. Try mFIRE http://www.mfire.com . It's cheap yet reliable, and you get 10MB of webspace to host stuff.
  24. I got WS_FTP 95 running with Wine. I wasn't really interested in using Wine, but gFTP only allows a 7-character password, and my ISP hasn't changed it for me yet, so Wine and WS_FTP do the job for now. P.S. Suicide is slow with liquor.
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