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  1. So where does one go about signing up to fight this war? Id be glad to takepart in the ASB in anyway I can.
  2. W00T W00T W00T I GOT IT I BEAT IT I FINISHED IT! msconfig in the run disable TrueVector Internet Monitor. It clicked in that I had Zone Alarm installed a little while ago..........I uninstalled it, which is why I never gave it a thought. BUT! Seems the uninstall program doesnt quite UNINSTALL everything. Anyways, thanks for the help everyone!
  3. Okay update: rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance When I type that into the run it says Error loading setupwbv.dll The specified module could not be found A further example of the errors im getting come directly from this site! I go into the tests it asks me to check the certificate I say "Yes" and NOTHING happens!! Here is one example of an error Ive gotten on this site: Line: 4 Char: 5 Error: Syntax Error Code: 0 Url: http://www.pcpitstop.com/adcjz.asp?z=1e-4pqi as for the virus scanner it has found two virus TROJ PSWATCHER.A and it says they
  4. I believe it was just installed over the old os. I copy pasted what you said and it didnt open anything Anything else you recommend? I cant get through a test to post one I have a virus scan running atm, Ill post the results as soon as its finished.
  5. #1 I reinstalled Windows XP and now the startup time is wayyyy slower then what it used to be. Any idea on how I may have affected it? Nothing really seems to be changed, any ideas on where to start? #2 When Im browsing then Internet I get a lot of "Done, but with errors on page" messages in the left corner of the status bar and it shows an exclamation mark with a yellow triangle on it. A specific example: when I open the site. http://zone.msn.com it gives me the error message and when I double click on it it says Line: 4 Char: 5 Error: Syntax error Code: 0 Url: http://zon
  6. Solution: Click Start>Run, type Regedit then hit the Enter key. In the left panel, double click the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>Windows >CurrentVersion>Run In the right panel, look for and then delete this registry entry: ”Explorer=%SYSTEM%\explorer.exe” Close the registry. Restart your system. Open your Windows System directory, which is usually at C:\Windows\System. Click Start>Run, type C:\Windows\System or your Windows System directory then hit the Enter key. In the Windows System directory, look for and then dele
  7. *bump* please help me!
  8. ya you bet i turned it off, didnt seem to make any difference
  9. Ok I guess a good way to start would be with this: Browser Helper Objects Installed AcroIEHlprObj Class Running Applications by Window Title It is "normal" to have many strangely named windows on this list. Do not post questions about this information unless requested by the support staff. SysFader SysFader Start Menu SysFader NetDDE Agent Stop PC Pitstop Troubleshooting - Microsoft Internet Explorer Back to PC Pitstop Forums -> PC Pitstop test or AutoFix problems PC Pitstop Forums -> PC Pitstop test or AutoFix problems - Microsoft Internet Explorer D
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