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  1. Heres the printer: http://shopping.hp.ca/default.asp?defLangC...ish&defLangId=1 HP Deskjet 5850 colour inkjet HP's Deskjet 5850 delivers networking ease with fast, professional performance. Built-in wireless (802.11b) and wired Ethernet networking supports up to five network users. For increased value and performance, optional features include HP-exclusive automatic two-sided printing, 250-sheet paper tray, and optional 6-ink colour printing. Resolution: up to 4800 dpi colour, 1200 dpi black Printing speed: pages per minute (ppm): 15 ppm colour, 21 ppm black 1 black and 1
  2. ermmm hehe I thought you had to be old enough to buy them in order to be allowed to sell them? Sort of like serving alcohol eh? At least thats what its like in BC! Export 'A' Gold RULES! I am a "social" smoker, if I have a beer in one hand, I MUST have a cigarette in the other! (a cigar will do but cigarettes feel better)
  3. ehehe nothing a paper bag couldnt fix!
  4. pogey eh? rofl never heard that one before. must be newfoundlanderese. im sure 'homo milk' will be a scream for some haha! and of course everyones gonna say "lovely canadians and there bacon" I never say chesterfield, its a couch damnit! i think the term "hackey-sack" is north american (wasnt in your list), though i could be wrong (beanbags in other places?) heres two more for the list: Molson Muscle == Referance to somebody with a beer belly Joe == My cousin who lives down the street in Manitoba (I live in downtown British Columbia) Cant think of any other
  5. new score, pls update http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...QXVJWLKP7NSWLH4
  6. I know AOL has one, not sure about any other service though!
  7. Im actually going to consider now that it would be something I want to do! Glad to see another British Columbian giving me some advice (I live in the Kootenays) =p
  8. ASTOUNDING RESULTS ARE TO BE HAD!!!! Okay here is a little story of the train who could: So :filtered: off, angry and not looking forward to reformating I decide hey, if i have to reformat I may as well :filtered: around with as much stuff and see what I can come up with. SOO. I go to symantec and download the lovsan killer. I reboot the computer in safe mode. I go to msconfig and disable a ton of #%^*!. I literally do half the work in anticipation of a format by deleting over 35 gigabits worth of programs and useless junk. After that I ran the lovsan killer and I go and play a
  9. hey you can alow access to your mail and stuff dude. go back into your properties and its under advanced or something. take a look, its there!
  10. o.O wowow! what a complete curveball thrown in there! this guy is not writing objectively at all, he is writing based on his personal feeling i bet! if this guy is really from canada he should get with the times. lesbian and gay marriages are something that should have been protected by the constitution a long long time ago.
  11. after two days and 12 wasted hours of my life I am giving up on trying to fix this computer. it is plagued by the msblast.exe virus and it is so bad that i am being denied access all over the place to different programs and i cannot even delete certain items. I want to reformat and reinstall windows xp. information on how to get started would be much appreciated. please PLEASE tell me how I can be confidant that I will be able to reformat. if i cant even delete files when i am the computer administrator how is the reformat going to remove them?
  12. Thanks for the info but WTH ^^^ does that mean??? ARHGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. seems to be some misunderstanding. HOW do i turn on my firewall in Windows XP Home? That is what I want answered =p And just so ya know, with the update and a firewall running you should be able to scan and fix this problem. Ref. the later pages of this thread: http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/rema...de=flat;start=0
  14. any specific info on blocking port 135? I couldnt extract any useful info from the above articles except that yes in fact my port is open and that I should (DUH) be doing something about it.
  15. http://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/msblast.shtml just in case youd find it easier.
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