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  1. To prevent lockup on loading, logout of PSN before starting the game.
  2. His specs are in his profile. Luis- your system is on the border as far as meeting requirements- your graphics card is very underpowered for san andreas. Try turning down the resolution/details and see if it helps. Also, as far as the audio, I gotta ask- is this a legitimately store-purchased copy of the game?
  3. Still have CSS...haven't played it in ages though.
  4. No, you won't find anything cheaper than that. Not that's compatible with Windows Media Center anyway. Your power supply should be fine, PCI cards don't draw too much power.
  5. Hauppauge Wintv PVR 150 will work flawlessly with XP MCE...you can find it between $50-$100.
  6. Hmm...this could be my chance to start folding again.
  7. I've tried it...and while it does technically work, the button assignments are very inconvenient. Trying to remap them hasn't worked in any games I've tried.
  8. ChrisR

    My First Time

    Haha... then what after print screen? I'm used to edit>paste. I've used/mastered Windows and DOS....so not new to computers at all. This is just something new for me. It's actually a Playstation 3 this is running on.... very cool way to get another computer.
  9. ChrisR

    My First Time

    Success!! I couldn't even figure out how to take a screenshot... But I took some pictures. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f100/chr...88/IMG_0666.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f100/chr...88/IMG_0669.jpg I'm gonna be spending so much time with this...I thought my thirst for computer knowledge was gone but it's back in full swing. I love learning!!
  10. ChrisR

    My First Time

    Well I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Playstation 3 about a month ago...I've finally taken it one step further!! I downloaded Yellow Dog 5 and it is now installing! I'm so excited! I know NOTHING about linux...how difficult is it gonna be to learn how to use this OS?
  11. Ok, the 15 pin connection implies an analog VGA signal. This is fine for a PC monitor. If you want the display to double as a true TV and PC monitor, you will have to look into an HDTV. There are adapters and what have you that attempt to display a TV signal on a regular PC monitor...but my experience with those have not been good. In any case Ebay should reveal a bunch if you choose to go that route. A small(~20") HDTV will run you between $300-400 US, not sure how much in the UK.
  12. Welll I've had my PS3 for almost a month now, I'm loving it!! The launch titles leave something to be desired... but I know time will bring some amazing games to the console. Playing the Gran Turismo HD demo is proof enough of that....simply an amazing looking game. If anyone plays PS3 online.... let's play!!! I have COD 3, Resistance, Fight Night, Madden, and Ridge Racer.
  13. I GOT ONE!!!! My friend works at EB Games and he hooked me up...I got to his store as the shipment arrived. I'll be in New York till Monday...but come Monday I'm gonna be having a blast with this thing ...it's so beautiful!!
  14. Love how things get twisted. 200 out of 8000 PS2 games are not compatible. That is nothing. Almost all of the PS1 games work. As for the power of PS3 http://www.gamepro.com/news.cfm?article_id=50983 Hmm Hmm....we shall see.
  15. This idiot wants one and will snap one up at the first opportunity. Comparing the PS3 to the 360 at this point is simply unfair. Compare the titles being released a year from now, that will be fair. The PS3, in my mind, is better because it's compatible with 90+ % of PS2/PS1 games, it plays next-gen media(bluray) right out of the box, has the superior controller, better graphics(not yet, but all developers has said it will), the online service is free, and (least importantly) it looks way awesome.
  16. The problem is that the teacher doesn't know that your son is a good kid or that you are a good parent. At one time I believed that problem kids were strictly that...but the real problem lies in their parents...who often times exhibit behavior worse than the child. Teachers have to keep their guard up...even over something as minuscule as this.
  17. My notebook has a 512mb 7600 in it... it's about the equivalent of a regular 6800 card, so not bad at all.
  18. This whole "HJT Certified" business slipped in under everyone's noses in my mind. I was always under the impression that "HJT certified" was put into place to put more emphasis on the advice given from such members. To use another analogy, it is like weightlifting or dieting under unofficial accord. There are risks but you can achieve results without professional advice. HJT certified members should not be the end all to everyone's malware problems....losing out on lots of helpful advice there. To offer another view, why not develop an online traffic schoolesque class here a
  19. Very Pleased so far!!! http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NFNQPWAB8UJSP07C
  20. It's here!! Deleting the recovery partition and installing XP Media Center right now...then comes the testing!!
  21. I highly looked into one of those...I just couldn't bring myself to risk it though. I don't trust XP Tablet's ability to recreate the writing process smoothly.
  22. Thanks thanks...new to laptops but not computers in general. I took the jump guys...just ordered the one w/ the 7600 graphics, should be here Tuesday! I also ordered a 400gb external hdd and an external tv tuner...this baby's gonna be my media center as well! I can't wait to get it...now to go sell my desktop piece by piece.
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