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  1. Every college professor I've had (from both UCLA and UC irvine) have asked for a thesis akin to what I've been describing. This may be unique to the University of California and other research institutions though. I still think the first one is too vague regardless.
  2. Yes it can be two sentences. You need to say why you think our current tax system is unfair, and how to fix it- "Our current tax system is flawed because X. An alternative is the Fair Tax Act, which would Y." Here X would be why you think it's flawed, and Y would be how Fair Tax fixes X's problems. Your argument is in your thesis. The rest of your essay backs up your argument with your sources/justification.
  3. A thesis needs to be a roadmap for your essay- your reader should know what you're arguing by reading your thesis. Yours is too general- you need to say why our current tax system is flawed, and how Fairtax will fix it in the thesis. Obviously this needs to be brief- your whole paper will address the thesis in detail, but more than one sentence is appropriate.
  4. This week will be the longest and most miserable one of your life....guaranteed. Best of luck....will look forward to serving with you marine.
  5. Outstanding Brandon!! What was your ASVAB score if you don't mind me asking? When I took it a few years ago I got an 89. The thing to realize about a conflict like Iraq is that there really are no "front lines." Just because you aren't infantry doesn't mean you won't face incredible danger everywhere you go; suicide bombers don't just target infantry troops. Make sure you focus on your long distance running, long distance SWIMMING, and pushups. Swim with weights....swim a lot with lots of weights; you will be glad you did. Do a lot of hiking in advance (I'm talking 15+ miles) at a time, because you will be doing this. Marine Corps basic training is both physical and mental testing. If you're prepared for the physical aspect of it you will be able to focus on the mental aspect and come out a lot better than your peers. Best of luck.
  6. So where are you gonna go? You should go to UCI. Haha Actually, I go to UCI and UCLA and honestly, you'll be happy wherever you go. College is what you make of it, all of the UCs are great schools.
  7. This thread will probably be moved so you get more help, but I'll get started. Windows Vista has some pretty steep requirements, with the graphics card being just one. Assuming you meet all the others, I would say a 9200 probably is not powerful enough to run Vista with all of its eye candy. The best way to know is to give us the rest of your system specs - or posting a link to your Pit test results.
  8. Grossman didn't take them to the Superbowl, the other 52 Bears took him to the Superbowl.
  9. If Grossman is Chicago's starter next season... well...let's not even go there.
  10. If possible, shelling out for Windows Media Center would be a great solution. I have not found any TV tuner software other than XPMCE that can play TV at its full speed. Other software plays it slower,(kinda like 30fps vs 60fps.) Media Center plays it just as it looks on a standard TV. Hauppauge is indeed the best way to go for a TV tuner. A Hauppauge WinTV 150MCE can be had on Newegg for well under $100. Connect your TV to the PC via S video, and you have Tivo like functionality(with a nicer interface) for no charge each month.
  11. Thanks Bruce...that was excellent.
  12. You may just want to put up with it for a while longer if you plan on transferring to UNL or another university in the near future. All universities cover their students with nearly full medical coverage in the tuition/fees(and subsequently it is covered by financial aid.) Look at it another way. You have surgery now....have a tremendous bill. You probably can't work while you recover...who's gonna pay that bill? Even if you do find a way you'll be stuck working for a long time to pay off said bill...probably not a good idea to even consider having anything done without insurance.
  13. I HATE energy drinks...they taste like crap and the high levels of caffiene/etc can't be real good for you. I'll admit there are some mornings where I'm up before 5 and have a long drive ahead of me... for this I'll stick with a can or two of Coke/Coke Zero. Ice cold + bubbles + tasty = awake. After the first can wears off the second comes. Before the second can wear off I'll probably need to use the restroom. By that time I'm completely energized and aware! Yeah...so sodas aren't good for you either. But I'll take my chances with soda over energy drinks.
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