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  1. Hi, A local technician installed Norman on my computer last year when I took it in for removal of a virus. I had Norton for years, it was setup for weekly scans, and always updated it and it never gave me any problems till this one. He also installed Sandbox with it. Both are due for renewal in a few days and I can download and install with my credit card, and the Sandbox is 'free', but they want another $40 to configure it to my computer. which means taking apart and hauling it across town and being without a computer for a few days. Is this going to be every year? I can't afford $80 a yr. f
  2. Do I save it (where) or run it I'm also getting a warning, if I don't trust ...... (I trust Microsoft) don't run or save this software. I think I need it as I'm getting a lot of "cannot display the webpage from IE" and I can't get my mail to work, either.
  3. It's from Microsoft. Also says I can download IE8, but I won't, if you say so. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I keep getting this message that I should download the new Internet Explorer. Should I? - just got my computer rfixed, don't want any problems. Thanks.
  5. OK, I'm finally back with a few questions. I was able to scan the page and send it to "Paint". However, the colors are not true. I was able to skew it down to 30% and saved it to my hard drive. When someone views this online, will they be able to make it larger so they can see the details? I'm also very concerned about the color. Please let me know what I can do here. Thanks.
  6. Hi, let me pull out the manual and do some step by step things to see what works and what doesn't. I just don't use it much, mostly to make copies. So it may be OK, I just gave up when it didn't do something I wanted it to. It's in an awkward spot, on top of the tower right under the keyboard, so I'm always touching one of those buttons. I have to sit on the floor to use. I'll work on it this weekend and get back to you. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I will keep the 5300, (I don't like installing stuff) but it does need fixing. Certain things it will not do, like scan to print, I have to go to the task bar, highlight the scanned item and click print. I'd like to learn how to scan to put on my computer to sell online. I'll try and work on that, since I have a post about it, now that my computer is fixed. Stick around, I'll have some questions for you. Thanks.
  8. OK, just to let you kow what's happening on this 'scanner' thing with regard to Norman - seems it's the scanner of Norman that was the problem. when the tech installed it, he installed it for wireless and I have dial up, therefore, I was getting all kinds of errors. So, I've installed a wireless software (Belkin) and so far all the errors have gone away. So that problem is solved. Getting to the original question, if someone gave you a hardly used Visioneer 7600 Scanner, would you install it on your just fixed, running great computer? I'm using a 5300 Visioneer now and it does have a few
  9. It's called Norman Security Suite and was highly recommended by the technician who got rid of Norton for me. It was so full of viruses, unbelieveable! He also installed 'Sandboxie', so I should be well protected. but this scanner is causing problems, and I'm going to have to get rid of that as there is an exclamation mark on my Norman icon saying "The Scanner engine is not up to date". I'm going to check with tech, to see what he says, too. So, with that info. what would you do?
  10. Hi, I'm getting a few error messages when I use my 5300 Visionneer scanner which might be interfering with my Norman Virus software which I just installed. the tech says it's so good, but I contually have to reset the winsock. I've been given a 7600 Visioneer Scanner, which I am hesitaing about installing. After uninstalling the 5300 and installing the 7600, do you think I will continue to have problems? should I dump both and get a new one? What would you do?
  11. OK, I've been fiddling around here trying to figure it all out. My book says nothing that I understand about getting the images on to the PC. Is it "Copy to Folder"? "Export". I tried that, it went into a DATA file, but had nothing to say 'save as', tried to "My Documents", saved it with a name, but couldn't find it there. I (even though it's old) have a Visioneer 5300 series, which I'd like to keep though I have a 7300 series one too, which someone gave me, (not installed) but I don't know about their computer, it may have a virus on it and I just got my computer out of the shop with a viru
  12. Hi, well, I decided to try and get the pictures on the computer first. I've taken 7 pictures of the sheets and my memory is full (128MB it should hold more than that - I need to figure out how to get more on the camera or I'll be here till doomsday as I have about 50 to do), anyway, tried putting them on the PC, well, looked like the software was already on, but it wanted me to put the disk in and did so,but it wanted to install it again and I came across this something about this software having to pass a logo and I needed to stop the install 'cause it could damage my computer. What's that
  13. Hey, this is great - I think I'll try the Paint one first. I think I know how to get the picture on the computer. I'll keep you posted.
  14. Hi, Can someone point me to a forum (or maybe I can get the help here) that would help me take images to to upload to Ebay or StampWants, or Virtual STamp Club. I want to sell a stamp collection. I have many commorative sheets of stamps and I need images of these to put online and I don't know how I can do this so the image is not so large it takes up a whole page. I have a small Visioneer camera and the manual is not helping me. I am told to change the camera settings resolutions, but don't know how to do that. Also, am told I could use MS Paint, but don't know how to do that either. I just
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