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  1. Hi All, I've been working on this all week, with no results, no responses, figured it needs to be trashed. I've given up on it and set out today to buy a new one. Started out at Office Depot and bought a $49.00 LexMax, but on the way home stopped by St. Vincent dePaul and picked up a brand new (still in the box, all cords, software, etc. like it's never been used) for $24.00. I have two days to try it out and if it doesn't work, I can get a refund and of course keep the LexMax. My old one is a 5300 Series Visioneer and the new one or at least I think/hope it's new, is an 8920 USB Scanner and transparency Adapter. Quite a step up?!. My question is would you uninstall the old scanner? I have quite a few nice pictures, etc. , plus scans on the old one and would hate to lose them. Can I go ahead and disconnect the old one and install the new one or would it cause problems if I don't uninstall it. Let me know soon, as I have to install this and make sure it's working in 48 hours. Thanks.
  2. I guess that's a no easy fix? When booting up, it says connection to the Scanner 'failed' . Are bulbs easy to install/replace? I've done some things inside my computer, and feel fairly comfortable getting in there and changing the bulb, if you think advisable. Let me know, If you don't think so, I guess I'm off to check out a new one, as I use it a lot for copying documents. Would re-installing the software help? I think I still have it somewhere. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I have been using this scanner for quite a few years now, and am wondering if it's on it's way out. I have this 'yellow' on now where it was always green. I've checked all the connections, but it just won't come on. It stopped in the middle of scanning something.. Is this an easy fix or is it time for a new one. Thanks.
  4. Can anyone help me? I've found a web page which I have to scroll over to see the whole page and I would like to print it. I don't want all the ads, etc. surrounding this page. If I do a Ctrl+C, will it copy what I want, but how do I get it to fit on a standard 8-1/2x11 page?
  5. So what does that mean? Whenever I do a virus scan I come up with one file which is 'low risk' which is a spyware file. I keep putting it in quaranteen, I wish I could delete it. Could this be it.
  6. Hi, I think I accidently deleted a file from my computer, which I must need as a box comes up every time I log onto my computer, which says: "Error loading w3knet.dll, the specified module could not be found". I have a Windows XP Compac Presario, I do not have a back up disk and because the computer is out of warranty, Compac will only help for a fee, like $100. Can anyone help me? The computer does run slow, maybe replacing this file will help. Thanks.
  7. Hi, at one time there was a site where you could put your URL in and they can show you what the Search Engines sees. How good or how bad, too many words in description, etc., etc. Anyone know where it is?
  8. I can't find 'find' in my start button - how do I delete cookies from windows xp? thanks
  9. I have a .gif file which I want to turn into a .jpg file, is that possible? Thanks.
  10. So, what everyone is saying, I could possibly get a flash drive for my computer, but I would have to download a driver from the brand name company I buy. I don't think that would be a problem. Re: CD's - If I use my computer (Win. XP) I could burn a CD for her to use.This is mostly for games. Seems they all have to be installed on the computer, which we don't want to do because some of them uses so much space. Would it still work, if the game is installed on a flash drive with a driver or would it have to be on the main computer's hard drive. Thanks
  11. Don't understand. I have a Windows98 and I need somewhere to download stuff. The disks are too small, what about a CD - will that work? Although I only have Windows98 software, my printer software and antivirus software on my computer, to start downloading, I'm sure the hard drive will fill up fast. Can I run a program from a CD I've downloaded? like games? Let me know, thanks.
  12. Is it possible to use a flash drive with Windows 98?
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