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  1. Been using that for a very long time.. It also works on the new WINDOWS 10 previews too. Very handy.
  2. If you want to add pictures to SKYPE without much hassle here is how you can do it. Start, run, type %appdata%\skype Open it then look for your skype account name, click on it and look for pictures.. right click on pictures and make a shortcut on the desktop.. You can open that folder and paste or drag any photo into it.. they will appear on skype when u want to change your picture. hope this makes sense, anyhow it works for me. Good skypeing to all of you.
  3. http://www.avs4you.com/AVS-Video-Recorder.aspx I have this free program on win 7 and it works well capturing my vhs tapes to my computer.
  4. Did that, it's working as advertised.. The old power adapter works fine.
  5. Ok that's what I'm planning on doing, just wondering what symptoms a bad processor usually shows, if any,
  6. A friend gave me a Toshiba Satellite A215-S5818 laptop computer that don't work.. He said the processor is bad.. that's all the info he had. When I try to turn it on, The ac, and power on indicator lights come on, the fan runs, the battery light shows it's charging and screen is not lighted, nothing else heard or seems to be on..including the hard drive. Question is, how to best determine whether the processor is actually bad or maybe the mother board is shot.. (dead)... I know it's a pain to replace the processor just to see if it's actually defective.. any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks..
  7. Ok, wdeydwonder that pretty much sums it up.. Thanks for the link. To all who answered, I sincerely thank you for all your help..
  8. I understand perfectly what I have... u don't. I have a hotmail account.. I received a notice in an email from MS that they were changing hotmail to outlook... and it's official.... they are doing just that.. ok so far so good.. And it works alright... so to get into it, I made a favorite link in my browser (for Outlook) ... and that's how I can use it. So I'd rather have a shortcut on my desktop that I can click on and go directly to outlook, rather than opening the browser and clicking on that link. Do you follow me so far? Before all this started happening.. I was happy with clicking on an icon in my taskbar that is labeled windows live mail and it would open the mail program without starting a browser... by the way, that still works good. So, I don't need all the fancy explanations of different email programs, their theory or none of that junk.. just a simple how to do it will suffice.... I'm not ignorant on computers, as i've been around longer than they have.. and I don't mean to be rude... Maybe I shouldn't have started this thread in the first place... so If I seem to be that way, please excuse me.. and I'll take my questions elsewhere..
  9. Ok sir, what I'm asking is: how to make a shortcut on my desktop to get to outlook mail, without going to the trouble of opening my browser and clicking on a favorite link to get to the outlook mail...? If you don't know, then don't bother answering and trying to confuse me... please.. thanks anyway.
  10. I might be wrong about it but, when u download windows live, messenger etc.. mail is included in it. so why is it not a program...? And besides that under "Windows live" in the all programs on the start menu it listed as a program: "Windows live Mail"..... And it does not open a browser when I click on it..
  11. If you are a user of hotmail, you no doubt know that MS has decided to change it to Outlook.com for your email.. Mine has been changed which is ok.. it works alright.. However, I find that in order to use outlook email, I have to open a browser and click on a favorite link to get to it. There is no way that I can find to download it and add it to my desktop like hotmail.. Hotmail is downloaded with windows live (messenger, and other stuff) and I have an icon in my taskbar that I click on to open hotmail without opening a browser.. It works the same with Google chrome or IE 10.... So maybe I'm missing something here, but does anyone know how to fix it..? Maybe I should uninstall hotmail then reinstall it or something else.... I just plainly don't know... To be clear, I want outlook email to be in my taskbar (quick start).. so that I can open it from there instead of opening a browser first.. Maybe that is not possible with outlook.. By the way, Hotmail is still there, and I can open it just like I always have... Outlook.com is not the same as Outlook express.. that's an entirely different program..I have Outlook express with Office 2007, but never used it, because I don't like it.
  12. Actually the kill disk program did not see the disk at all, my mistake in saying it cleans the disk......... sorry abt that. I tried the data lifeguard program also and it didn't see the disk either.. Disk Management in win7 said it was unsupported and would do nothing with it.. so frustration set in.... The minitool was the only one that would recognize and do anything with it.. And it worked great..... I now have a usable 500GB hard drive.
  13. Problem solved.. I tried the Kill disk program without success, it cleans the disk ok, but that's not all I needed to do. Here is how I solved this puzzling problem..... MAKE A HARD DRIVE USABLE THAT CAME OUT OF A SATELLITE SYSTEMS DVD RECORDER... FOLLOW THESE STEPS: Step 1: Only hook up the disk it's self, (no others) to the computer, to insure that you will get the right one.. Use minitool partition wizard CD, insert it in the cd drive and boot computer from it, delete all partitions on the disk and wipe it clean. At this point the computer will not recognize the disk to initialize it.. Step 2: Create 2 partitions on the disk and leave them unallocated.. set both as primary. The program allows that. Turn off the computer.. Step 3: Hook another disk that has windows on it to the computer.. (I used win7) Now you can restart the computer and boot from the CD ..... When it comes on screen, you will see both disks.. select the first partition on the usable disk and copy it to the new disk, after it's finished do the same with the second partition. Make sure they appear the same on both disks, if one is active on the first disk and not on the other, select the inactive one, and click on set active button .. it works like magic.. After all is done, you can take the cd out of the tray and turn the computer off. Now u should be able to boot from the disk that you just fixed.. Later, if you want some other operating system on the disk, you can format it and then install whatever u want on it. The MINITOOL PARTITION WIZARD IS A FREE PROGRAM AND CAN BE BURNED TO A BOOTABLE CD After you install this program it has the option to make the BOOTABLE CD. Hope this helps someone with the same problem... Thanks all
  14. I was recently given a WD5000avds hard drive that was used in a Satellite system dvd recorder, it was working when taken out.. I want to format it to be used in a computer. I used the Minitool Partition wizard to delete all the partitions on it, and then created a new partition, primary I think, and supposedly formatted it with ntsf file system.. however it can't be recognized by my computer running win7 home edition.. The computer won't initialize it, and says it's not supported. I suppose that I did something wrong in the process but don't know just what. Is there some special program I need to make this drive usable? If so what is it? Or maybe someone can tell me how to proceed from scratch to use this drive on a computer. It could be a lost cause, but I hate to throw away a 500GB hard drive that could be used. Your advice and suggestions are very much appreciated Thanks.
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