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    xp home - dell deminsion 3000 - 1year old pent 4- 2.8Ghz with 1mb cache 512mb ddr sdram ar 400mhz 80gb 7200 rpm Ultra ATA HD
  1. Also, do you have any idea where I would find the dell license key?
  2. Thank you soooo much for the info- I really appreciate it! I will start with the scans first. Yes my xp is retail version - and I am pretty sure the dell is OEM. What exactly does that mean? I will also do the tutorial 1st before I try this. Again thank you so much!! I will recommend your site to my friends!
  3. Well thanks for the refund, I appreciate it. I have done the windows restore 2 x's, and I went back further than the optimze install. I have not tried the backup from safe mode- a little scared. I used to be quite good at this stuff but have not done it in years and rusty. When I purchased this dell, they did not include os disk but say to go to owners manual and do a full pc restore- well my system cant even find the owners manual to do that. I have my own xp disk I had previously purchased for old pc, but if I install it and cant backup I will lose everything right? If I do the backup from safe mode and then install my xp disk will it save any of my documents? At this point, I almost dont care about -- what the? ok while I was typing this my system just shut down and then I hit the on button and it came right back up to this.... is there an alien in here? What is going on? I was trying to explain my frustration, with dell and computers in general. Is there a pc out there better than all the rest? I guess I should also purchase a spyware and adware software to make sure nothing else happens huh? Is there a program I can buy that will protect me from everything? viruses, spyware and everything else I dont know about? I have the norton that came on the pc and is still supposed to be in effect, not sure if it is doing its job. I went to IObit.com and did that scan and it sd fixed some problems- I guess I better play around and see if it really did.
  4. I am a novice here- 1st time asking for help. Hate to say it but I purchased the pc pitstop optimize last friday -ran the scan and let it "fix my problems" I thought it would just help my system run smoother and faster on web. Well since that "fix" -my system is all screwed up!!! It freezes when I try to run programs or get on the internet thru my normal sbc yahoo browser. I am on now thru Int Explorer- but it will freeze again if I try to do too many things at once. All the icons on my desktop wont load up. My system will not do a proper shutdown- have to manual shutdown. This is only a 1yr old dell deminsion- of course I have called dell and they are too busy. I really think this software screwed up my pc!!!! I have sent an email to cust service here with no response. I dont have hundreds of dollars to have someone fix this! Anybody have any ideas? Also I found registrysmart.com and it ran a scan =sd there were over 500 errors on my system, but when I try to get it to fix the problems it freezes up. I have done a restore 2 times- no fix. Thinking of complete reinstall but I will lose everything becuz of course it wont let me backup anything. AAAGHHHHHH!!!!! HELP!!!!
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