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    fx-60,2gig xms, 160+300 hd,2 7600gt
  1. I'd like to test it. x64 compatible?
  2. Wow, I want one. My buddy just got his in Friday. Frame rate wasn't too much better than my 5870 in Dirt2 but the video quality just seemed to be a whole lot better. Unfortuneatly it took alot of BS to my wife to upgrade from GTX 280 and a q9650 to a 5870 and a i860. So i'm probably stuck til next year.
  3. O2 - BHO: Search Helper - {6EBF7485-159F-4bff-A14F-B9E3AAC4465B} - C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\Search Helper\SEPsearchhelperie.dll Thats the only info i could find on it, used in windows live messenger. Don't know if its good or bad couldn't find anything that said it was a problem.
  4. TVC15, not even gonna respond to that remark. amd-rules i say pick your price limit like wdeydwonder said just pick 1. For $100 i'd get thepcp 750w anything smaller than that really not worth it like the others have mentioned. Thats a whole lot of psu for the price, way more than your system will require even with upgrades. Now if you want bigger thats fine the 850w corsair is a great psu, probably the biggest and best for $140 you'll find. Or you can do what brandon said in a different post and just run it on the 1 you got. I also believe that a 500w ps will run your current system just fine.
  5. I'm stating my opinion just like you stated yours. Read around, even some people that work for these companies say rebates are a gamble. The poster seems to want to spend as little as possible so i gave a alternative. You keep saying $10 or $15 more that is not the case, out of pocket right now it would be $40 more. Maybe not much to you but some people it probably is. All i did was express my opinion. Sorry my opinion is different than yours. Whatever? good for you?
  6. I have never had a problem with them and have ordered 30+ times from them. That 850w is $40 dollars more, you are assuming he gets the rebate and more often than not you don't. If money is no object then i agree on the 850w corsair but seemed like you were trying to keep it cheap and the 750w pcp will easily power your system even with upgrades and overclocking.
  7. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=10006382 If you want to keep it under $100 with no rebates. I don't trust them. I'm about 50/50 on actually getting them.
  8. Wow, i must be imagining that you can run 2 gtx 280, overclocked quad, 4 harddrives in raid and a tec cooler on a 750w psu, and was never able to pull more than 590w from the wall. Nvidia and that calculator, extremely overestimate and take no consideration into build quality. I guaruntee that the turbo cool is more than capable of running your system unless it's a bad power supply, and it has 1 of the better warranty's.
  9. I saw a review where they ran 3 gtx 280 on a 800w power supply, so noway do you need 1 that big. I know for sure that the Turbo Cool 750w will run 2 of them because my friend has been running it for about 3months now. His 2 and my 1 ran with no problems on my Ultra 1000w.
  10. I think i would go with the 750w Turbo Cool. It has 2 6pin and 2 8pin pcie connectors so will work just fine. Its a better built psu.
  11. Yes, he has a 2000w power supply. A world record overclock. And he can run 4 280gtx. That's 1 heck of a system and i would love to see a pit test.
  12. wdeywondrer, i deleted my post because i feel it was innapropriate. Your statements felt like personal attack so i responded. Only problem i had was you referred to things i never said. I never said Corsair was overall was better than Ultra, i said the corsair i recomended was superior to the ultra recomended. I never said multi rail psu is better than single rail psu, I said just because its multi rail doesn't mean its a bad psu and that there are plenty of high quality multi rail psu out there. I wasn't debating which one was better. My point was there are good and bad of both. Not all single rail psu are better than all multi rail psu. Your right i don't think anybody has proven it with out a doubt, thats a argument for the experts which i'm not. As for the 2 reviews they were from some pretty respectable sources. 1 was a Corsair which you said you wanted to see load tested and not behind a sticker. Got great reviews. 2 Was in response to multi rail psu. That psu gets fantastic reviews and alot of experts say its 1 of the best. But once again i never said 1 is better than the other, I said just because its multi rail doesn't mean its a bad psu. So in summary, i will stand by what i've said and support it with facts from multiple sources. Some of your arguments are legit just not anything i've said. So before you refer to me as whiney and stupid (which maybe true) check your facts. You had a long rant trying to bad mouth me and half the stuff i never said. So now i'll drop it and go have may cookie
  13. Deleted, Should not have responded to his attack with 1 of my own.
  14. Have you changed anything? top 13% seems about right for 10396 score, but your score seems low. I would think you should get a least 14,000 if your running everything stock. Also your sig says Q5550 i assume its a Q9550. Can you post your test? I'm sure these guys could help if they saw it.
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