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  1. Stormy 13 So no ports is not necessarly a concern? Also I have no modem installed in Contro Panel, Windows cannot find any. Jim
  2. Stormy 13 I used the service tag on the downloads I obtained, I believe I got the 'chipset drivers' first. I was hoping the needed ones would be loaded together or will I need to get them individually? How do I get 'ports' to show up on device drivers? Jim
  3. X_C Unit was obtained used, no back-up discs. Dell Inspiron 9200. My desktop has "ports" listed in Device Manager, laptop does not show that. Is that related to tne modem problem? Jim
  4. Gaining. Went back to Dell site for a different download, now can play music CD's. Still need internet port. Jim
  5. Using a flash drive to copy to, Dell file was 3.1 mb. The laptop identified the new device & copied/installed the files. Still doesn't operate normally. Jim
  6. Wizardx2 Am unable to connect to internet with the Dell, I used another machine to obtain the chipset drivers. I used the service tag # for the received set. Jim
  7. Downloaded R82638 from Dell website, seemed to install normally but has made no change in laptop. Re-started, went top new hardware, same as before. (No Audio Device, no modem installed, DVD & CD not working. No joy. Mouse, sorry, no yellow disk available. Jim
  8. Thanks for the quick response Doug, will check the Dell site for said Drivers. Not positive I'll know what to do with them. Some type of mass install? Will attemp & ping back with results. Jim
  9. Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop Would not boot up due to corrupt config.sys file. Re-installed Windows XP Home, boots up fine. All data lost but expected that. But... Identified several problems but no doubt more are there: No modem identified, ports aren't even listed. No DVD or CD play. Has system sounds (pings & dings) but none for Pinball or Solitare. No back-up data available. Heeelp Jim
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