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    Asus z87 pro 4770k 4x 2 gig crucial powercolor 7870 Tahiti LE ocz agility ssd
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  1. The thing is you get the best of both worlds doing that, speed and storage.
  2. I do this all the time with raid 5- Basically I create 2 raids with 2-3-4-5-6 drives, the fastest part of your drive is the first 10% so with that I create a raid array with 10% of the drives im raiding and install windows on it. Go back into my raid controller and use the remaining amount of space for a storage drive.
  3. glad to see ya back in the oc forum sho, nice rig!!!!!
  4. Ive never got a sli bridge with a motherboard. The video cards come with a sli/crossfire bridge though.
  5. Put an case fan on it until you can get it sorted
  6. My 4870 plays crysis without a hiccup, drivers maybe?
  7. If your interested in editing the bios your gonna need gpu-z here ~~ http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1379/mirrors.php . just make a new folder on desktop and name it ati bios, open gpu-z and where it says bios version over to the right of it there is going to be a dropdown to save original bios. Save the original to that folder. Make another folder named edited bios on desktop. Your going to need rbe editor now here ~~ http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1379/mirrors.php . Open rbe editor and select load bios, browse to your folder original bios and click it, load it with rbe the
  8. On my 4870 I used rbe editor to edit the bios where the fan ran @ 40% at idle and if it hit 50c it ran @ 45% then 55c 50% etc. and that seems to keep it nice and cool. Heres a link if you need any help just ask. Read threw here ~~ http://forums.techpowerup.com/forumdisplay.php?f=63
  9. You have all you .net framework updated? I upgraded last year from a 2900xt to a 4870 and just went into add/remove programs and uninstalled ati catalyst install manager, asked to reboot and installed new ati drivers. Same drivers I had for the 2900xt.
  10. Hope were just jumping the gun and it arrives dickster. May not be much money, but, what ive seen in the past if he is a troll hes doing it right now on another forum, under another username. Seemed like a good guy. And if he gave you the option to pay when you get it you will probably get it just some foul up somewhere. If he is a troll we have a supertrollkiller here his name is I_G
  11. I would give him a few more days dickster, might have had something go wrong he couldnt control. Cant see someone stiffing you over $60, at least I hope not. I wouldnt have bought from him unless he had good heatware or I had his home address and phone #and was in touch with him by phone. Ive been stiffed before for a small amount. It just dont make sence though.
  12. I just pmed him on his forsale parts looks like he is MIA- Didnt see this post
  13. So your saying you would let your kids around a known pediofile? It wassnt a secret he had fantasies. Or are you not a parent and just babbeling?
  14. What makes me mad is that the parent that would take up for a person like this knowing what hes been accused of,and take their kid to them, is just the the one who who would sue him for 23 mil and think everythings alright. So if you think jacko is innocent take one of you kids to a aquitted child molester and let them stay for a while.
  15. Guess you think OJ is innocent also? You got the money everything goes away but death. Hes a pervert and the world is better off without him. Shom me any parent who wouldnt take 100 mil and go help jacko with his perverted acts themselfs and ill show you a liar 1994 Mr. Jackson reaches an out-of-court settlement in the sexual molestation lawsuit arising from his friendship with a 13-year-old boy, Jordan Chandler. The settlement was later reported to be $23-million. Mr. Jackson denied the allegations. No criminal charges were ever filed. 2003 In an interview with Mart
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