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  1. heres a secret you dont need that software at all, its best to do with out in my opinion( I set them up all the time), try temporarily having no security and connecting just to see if you can. If your still having a prob. i would try everything without the software. Connect everything as you would and go to the set up page like i instructed you to before while connected hardwired. goodluck
  2. Thats because of the security your not putting in the correct password, go back to the router set up page, select wireless, then wireless security, then set or reset so you have the correct info there.
  3. try power cycling the router and modem, did you have any problems setting up the WPA security?
  4. No something is wrong, if #1 is able to get to the internet there is something going on with #2 how is it connected to the router? wireless?, try it with out the wireless security, if it works then enable and use WPA (its more secure anyway) and the password isn't something generated. Its something you decide but it has to be at least 8 characters.
  5. ok from a computer that is connected to the router and while the router is connected to the modem. Open a web page and in the address bar type then hit enter or the go button, a username and pasword box will come up leave the username blank and enter admin for the password. unless you have change those setting now you will be in the router set up page. Click the status button then make sure you have a ip address there, if you dont click release and then renew until you do. if it still wont obtain a ip address power cycle the modem and the router, unplug the modem and the router for about 10-30 sec then plug the modem in first then the router do the same steps as before after about a min. to confirm your router has a ip address from the modem. and now you should be able to connect. while in the router setup page you can change your wireless security by going to wireless, then wireless security. If you are still unable to pull a ip address or are still having problems you may need to update the firmware on the router. go to linksys.com for that. hope this helps good luck:)
  6. I am not talking about your computer getting a IP address i am talking about you router getting a IP address from your modem. your computer automatically gets a ip address from your router when connected. If you tell me more about your router i could probably tell you how to access your router's setup page so you can get on the internet using your router. My guess is that you have dsl and your modem and your router have the same IP address and you need to change one.
  7. It sounds like your router is not getting a IP address from your modem, you should connect by wire first to the router to set it up, what kinda router is it? when you are in the setup screen you have to go to status and make sure you have a ip address from your modem, what kinda internet connection is DSL, cable etc, most likely you need to set your router to dhcp, so it can pull a ip address. I recommend disabling your wireless security temporarily so you can make sure you have a internet connection. then set up the security after you have connectivity. as far as the print server not working, if its a linksys, they have problems with all in one printers, but need more info on that too. Hope this helps.
  8. Try www.speedtest.net and pick a location that is closer to you this might be the reason for a lower speed also what time of day you test your speed is affected try to test during non peak hours so you get a more accurate reading, also make sure you have no spyware or adware on the machine.
  9. try adding what ever port the dvr is using to your firewall. or temporaly shutting down the firewall to get it to work then find the port.
  10. Check the firmware of the router,modem and your ethernet cards, also reset all your internet settings go to Internet properties the advanced tab, then restore advanced settings then reset all.
  11. sounds like a bad NIC (ethernet card), they are like $15 try a new one and see if you get the same results. Or it could possibly the port on the router try a different port before buying a NIC.
  12. try looking up that driver on driverguide, just be careful and scan the driver, I have gotten viruses, spyware and adware from there i think. If it doesnt work or if you still cant find it or it is too much trouble just get a new network card they are like 20 bucks now and cheaper sometimes. Sometimes its worth it to get another one even though you dont get the sense of accomplishment you save hours and a dont get a big headache.
  13. have you tried checking the compaq/hp website for that driver, if they dont give it to you there they should at least give you some kinda info on where to download it from.
  14. You first need to stop all those processes running that have your name on them from starting up with your machine every time you start. You can do this by clicking start, run, type "msconfig" now select the startup tab, then click diasable all, then scroll through and find your antivirus, and make sure that box(es) is checked, unless you need something else to start up with your machine this is the only thing that should start with your machine. YOu didn't say what kind of antivirus if any that you have, So if you have McAfee there are multiple instances of it like McAgent,etc, Norton is CCAPP, and most other ones have there name in them or abreviated. Now as far as your internet connection goes, you need to go to internet properties, do so by going to control panel, classic view internet options. Go to the connections tab, then remove all of your dial up connections, since now you have broadband. Now select set up internet connection. Select connect to the internet, next,Setup manually, next, Most likely you need to select a broadband connection that is always on unless your ISP says otherwise,click next and you should be finish. You should be able to connect to the internet with just opening a browser window. No connecting to braodband network or anything like that cause its always on.
  15. i had a problem with it too, all i did was remove it from add/remove programs then went to windows update and downloaded it manually instead of windows automatically downloading it.
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