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  1. Driver Alert 2? How do I see what version I have?
  2. Actually, there were offers of help from around the world http://allthings2all.blogspot.com/2005/09/...s-offering.html
  3. Flyfishingrules2 posted this a while back - this is where I first heard about Revo uninstallers
  4. I agree with Amir - Revo uninstaller works quite well
  5. best of luck to ya Bruce - this is something I have been considering doing for a while now Are you going to use any prescription or non-prescription aid to help accomplish this?
  6. There are more than 73 Linux users out there?
  7. it was a nice day indeed -- spent it with my daughters and the grandkids thanks
  8. you might try the Taskbar repair tool from Kelly's Corner Taskbar Repair Tool
  9. Read this - I think I got this here (I have it bookmarked) but I don't know who posted it Fax from the internet
  10. and this works for Vista
  11. I went to Hawaii on vacation last year and spent one day and night in Oahu to see the memorial. I agree that it was very moving and was glad I went. I was surprised at the number of Japanese tourists that were there (probably half). I knew that Hawaii drew a lot of them but I didn't know that so many would visit Pearl Harbor. It made me wonder what they are taught about the actions/events that began WW2
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