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  1. Ok here is my situation. I have my phone connected to my laptop giving me internet access. I want to be able to share my internet with other wireless laptops through my wireless card on my laptop. Any apps or solutions I can use? Thanks.
  2. Naw, but I am file sharing between the current network ;-) as I stated in my above reply, the room where the router and modem is located is always locked, and I can rarely get in there. I wanted to put this second one in the room I am in, so if I do lets say a firmware upgrade and I need to manually reset the modem (you don't usually have to do it, but this is just an example) I can have quick and easy access to it. Also, I do host an FTP server, and I need to other ports forwarded to my computer, and the router we have now, all the port forwarding is almost full. I am using Charter (crap company, but the only thing available where I live) I know we are purchasing a static IP address, but would it cost extra to get another IP up and running? <-- for people who are using charter. Thanks for all the replies!
  3. But that is what I don't want to do. I want it this way because the router and modem are in a room which is usually locked in the house, so if something happens and I need to reset it I can never do it.
  4. Hey there, this if sort of hard to explain, but my cable modem only has one spot to put the ethernet cable in, so I can connect my router, but my problem is that I want to have more then one connection coming out of the back, so I can have two separate networks in my home. So can I connect the switch to the cable modem and then the two routers from there, or is this impossible? Here is a diagram to make it more clear..
  5. I am trying to view my DVR system from work, and when I type the IP in Explorer, It asks if I want to install active x, I say yes, then it gives me... "Windows has blocked this software because it can't verify the publisher" I already added the site to my trusted site list. How can I unblock this??
  6. Thanks for the reply. Windows obviously isnt going to tell you to download crack programs to break there password. So I just called up a local computer place and they are going to do it. (They asked us to bring in the receipt to verify it is our computer btw... hahaha, so we are bringing everything in tomorrow to get it done.) Thanks for your help though.
  7. No he didn't. When I go to the SAM editor with my boot cd, all four accounts say "locked out" So maybe over time they will unlock? and use the regular password that was always used.
  8. Ah! I never thought about that. And I completely understand. well I can take a photo of the user name on the computer and also take a photo of the persons driver license. drivers license. (its the last name with the first two initals.) I can also take a photo of the computer and the receipt of where we bought it. If anyone knows anything, but can't post because of the rules. ill just post those photos up. I got half way through, My father was trying to do the remote access, but he had the wrong password on his end, so it kept denying him from his location, so Im guessing when I open the SAM password editor all the accounts are "locked out". When I try to reset the lock, they are all read only files, so I cannot do it. Oh and the reason, why I said I went on vacation and not my dad, is to avoid people replying with "this is your problem dont balme your dad" and unnecessary comments like that.
  9. Ok, I left for vacation last thursday, turned off the computer and turned it on tonight when I came home, and my usual password isnt working for my vista machine!! I dont have a password recovery disk. I already tried to run ophcrack, (burnt the iso image and booted the computer from that) result: couldnt find directory that starts with hash .... or something like that... help me!
  10. Thank you for your patience! Cheers.
  11. Ok, I ran that program. The CPU Alias is a prescott 256 It says the CPU Socket is 775. Motherboard specs: North Bridge: SiS-661 fx South Bridge: SiS 964 Mother Board Make: Ecs661 fx-m7 So if I made sure, the socket is 775? But why does newegg, have LGA775 as a sole category, then many other categories, with LGA775 also included? I should just purchase one under the LGA775 category right? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure to purchase the correct one, so I dont have to send it back and wait another 5 days for it to come in the mail! Thanks!
  12. Ok I have been looking a bunch of different places and I cant find the socket type. The Mobo chipset is SIS 964 ... When I look that up, it tells me its 754.. but thats for AMD, not intel.. But then when I look at the PCpitstop result, it says the board is SiS-661,, which would be 478, which is Intel! WTH!! Anyone can help?
  13. ok here is the computer results. whats the proper fan socket type i need to get? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=JDRCHW7MT3VS0S6V Intel Celeron CPU 2.66ghz X86 Family 15 Model 4, Stepping, Geniuene Intel 2672 Mhz
  14. How can I recognize what the CPU socket type is? I need to get some different CPU coolers, where on the computer does it tell me the Process type so I can determine the socket type? How do I identify the right socket type with the CPU? Thanks!
  15. If i am not mistaken, you should boot the computer up with the cd, instead of running it from the old windows xp you already have installed. when you run it like that, it is just going to reinstall the OS not reformat the hard drive and do a clean install. When you start your computer with the CD inside, it is going to ask if you want to boot from the cd, (hit any key) and follow the instructions. Cheers.
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