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  1. Ok, tried that, it's definitely not the problem, has to do with a software issue. What happens is the screen just goes crazy and gets garbled at random times when i right click on the desktop it starts. Everything's in the wrong place so I restart my computer and it fixes it until it happens again.
  2. Sorry, never mind what I said about the corruption happening in just the vista basic theme. It happens in aero too and I just found out. Think it's a vista issue, guess some of the system files are screwed up. I have the latest nvidia non beta drivers,I think i'll just do a fresh reinstall of vista because it's about time and it's going crazy.
  3. Thought i found the problem but i guess not, update wouldn't install because i already have it in windows vista sp1. If i have the fix then why is it still happening, maybe it's the wrong one. http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=11094 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932406/en-us
  4. Sorry let me clarify the screen corruption always starts when i right click on the desktop or start menu and when the windows vista theme is set to basic, if i'm in aero it's fine. Aero uses too much memory so i set it to basic but when it's on basic i get screen corruption. Now I can't access the window to display the themes so I can change it, oh well, guess i'm stuck with aero because windows is pathetic.
  5. Wrong thing that is display settings but it's only to change the resolution, i need the window to change the theme from aero to basic but I can't open it from control panel
  6. A few weeks ago i started to have the problem of random screen corruption at random times, it always started when i right clicked on the desktop or start menu and has kept happening since. Don't know what was wrong and since it kept happened I decided to update video drivers to the latest, I have nvidia forceware 175.19 but that didn't help as it kept happening. So i just decided to start fresh i uninstalled the video drivers and reinstalled it but it still happened. Then I decided to completely remove my video card from device manager and start again. By default windows vista ultimate i
  7. paid: for spyware use webroot spy sweeper or sunbelt counterspy for antivirus use bitdefender 10 or kaspersky antivirus 7 free: for spyware use spybot or lavasoft for antivirus use avast, avira antivirus, bitdefender free edition, or grisoft avg
  8. Actually I just did it, you don't need to do anything, the motherboard automatically detects it and does the right adjustments. I just put the hard drive in and formatted it and installed an os and it worked just fine. Now on some motherboards it may require a pin adjustment to restrict the hdd to 150 mb/s transfer rate but you don't need to do anything else.
  9. I think you're right, it's probably a short in the psu or computer, because if it was a driver problem then it would display a message at startup.
  10. It's an antec psu so it should be pretty good and I did overclock my cpu a safe 200 mhz above it's normal range. Could it be a static problem?
  11. Happens on any usb port whether in the front or the back, but I also have one usb expander plugged in one of the back usb ports. You plug the device directly into one of the usb ports and it gives you four ports, it's completely full. It doesn't have external power either. I wasn't thinking that because I have a 600 watt psu, so it shouldn't be a power problem.
  12. Everytime I plugin a usb device to my front or back port usb 2.0 ports my computer restarts. When it boots back up into windows xp pro it doesn't display any error message. Help this is getting annoying.
  13. Already tried that, removed both the itunes and quicktime folder since it was in a package. Didn't work unfortunately.
  14. Never said you had to uninstall previous versions of quicktime before installing quicktime 7. Might switch to just the codec like stormy said, because this software sucks. However i'll still need itunes, guess i'll just download it seperately.
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