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  1. Ok I read "NEC/TOKIN 0E128 Proadlizer Capacitors" and said to myself, " oh that looks so easy." lol. sounds to me like just use computer with battery until new can be afforded. Thank you very much for your help Y. I am just not one to get out the soldering iron would probably do more damage then good although wife is applying at a workplace that does circuit boards. Hmmmm maybe need to wait this thing out Again thanks for the quick responses hope i dont need your help again but will keep you and this place in mind. Even though I am no computer geniuse always nice to have knowledge for friends though so think I will stick around for a bit Chris
  2. Hey Y thanks for that advice but still did not work. It seems that is if the laptop is freezing up. let me try to explain better. with power cord connected and battery installed if i take battery out laptop shuts off. If you understood that in the first place please accept my apologies for repeating myself. Chris
  3. Time and date are fine. When it first happened though it was out of wack but did replace CMOS battery and same thing. I'm thinking same thing that it is on the MB and need to solder something (and I am not soldering anything) or it is just pooched.. Now just have to talk wife into opening up the bank vault or finding someone with an old laptop that i can scronge. Thanks for the replys Y Chris
  4. Yup did all that. even took laptop apart and put multitester on ends. Get right voltage up to that point. Where I tested is the white plug to the right in picture below.Seems to be inside laptop not afraid to open it up seeing as it is past its warranty. Was also wondering if a virus could have caused this problem. Not having any other virus issues though. Thanks for the welcoming to the pit also. Chris
  5. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Laptop only works on battery when plugged in says it is charging then shuts off after a while. Won't even turn on when battery is out. Luckily my wife has same laptop and able to switch up batteries with her and charge from hers but still a pain in the butt to do this. Thanks in advance for any help that comes my way. Chris P.S. Laptops are both Toshiba Satellites
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