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    Windows xp / DSL dell dimension 2400' uses IE and msn explorers
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  1. Please go ahead and close this post. I bought a new PC.
  2. Tom thank you so much for your time and trying to help me.I will be posting in the viruse forum.
  3. Still nothing...Ok Its not only IE but I can't run Msconfig,no control panel not system restore .etc I tried to download Super spyware and nothing helped I tried to reinstall IE and it had an error message I tried combofix and it said there was no microsoft recovery console. and it wanted to scan for viruses anyways but nothing happened.
  4. Nothing happened still the same.
  5. got the first part done but second says that its not available is that supose to be C: instead of. G:
  6. Got that fixed, now I can't get into some programs,msn,Ie,control panel avast,ete Desktop icons are locked. I can get into msn by right clicking and open.But not with IE.If I try the explore and try another shortcut IE will come up w but with a blank page and it freezes. And I can't get into msconfig.
  7. Tom I tried the notepad thing and now I got a blue bar with a white screen. It just got reversed My IE and MSN are locked up
  8. I have win xp sp3 I got a white box in the left hand corner from top to bottom and it is about 4 inches long. It has Folder tasks, then Other places and Details how do I get rid of this.
  9. A friend of my husbands has taken over and is doing some scans and repairs. He has already found several viruses .so that being said,Thank you for the help.
  10. I have win xp home.i have tried the restore disk.chkdsk/p Chkdsk/r.and a few other things . I have no keys to work with except F2 and F12. my cd does not come up with anything that you have here. I put in the cd and reboot chose the R for restore and then I choose 1 which is C:/windows hit enter and I get C:/windows which is waiting for a command.I have NTLDR missing I tried fixboot,Fixmbr and it says that the boot sector is corrupted.. I am using an iPad to for this.
  11. I have a dell dim 2400. I was searching the net yesterday and it just went down .About 5 seconds After a box pops up saying I need to check my hdd . Red flag to me so I reboot and I find a file recovery on my desktop which was not there before and my security essentials had been disabled. I try to enable it but a box comes up and says that I need to check my hdd and 20 or 39 small boxes comes up everywhere.I panic and reboot.nothing is on my desktop but my I E and I try to restart Microsoft security Ess. The file recovery starts to recover files and starts downloading itself I reboot a
  12. I scanned it again with esets and says that there is no infected files.
  13. SystemLook 04.09.10 by jpshortstuff Log created at 09:27 on 05/11/2010 by All Users Administrator - Elevation successful ========== filefind ========== Searching for "opinstaller.msi" No files found. -= EOF =-
  14. File not Found. What should it look in? When it comes up it has deskop in there.
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