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  1. caintry boy, any idea why I'm not seeing the apparent replies made by the OP, here?
  2. Heck, no. I use a bevy of different applications to plug as many likely attack surfaces as reasonable. That includes an AV (Avast), a behaviour blocker, closing (or stealthing) unused ports, a two way firewall, SpywareBlaster, an Autoruns guard, a browser script blocker, and a Hosts file.And making a backup image of my hard drive every so often. I don't surf in the nude. As I said earlier, install, update and quick scan with MBAM. It's an excellent demand scanner/remover.
  3. It is true, I'm afraid. In the broad sense of the word, Security Tools is a virus. Try MBAM (free version) install it, update it, run a quick scan, have it remove everything found. What AV do you use, and what OS on this laptop? What other security applications installed/active?
  4. One suggestion: (Well, two really, but the most important...) Try before you buy. Any AV should have a trial period that you can have it installed, fully functional, and test it on your system before subscribing to it. I have read numerous reports of users who've gone ahead and installed highly recommended (for good reason) AV's or suites, only to find that they didn't "play well" on their particular computer. Sometimes the cause could be found, sometimes not. (I believe the causes were usually software conflictions. These can be time consuming to troubleshoot.) And my second sugges
  5. What Tx Redneck said. Locate the exe forMBAM in the program files folder. (MBAM.exe) Rename it to something else. Say, fastrat1.exe. Run it by double clicking on the renamed file.
  6. I used to run this program until version 2 came along, complete with WSG, which, as has been mentioned, is the source of the toolbar. There was a huge stink on the ST forum, not so much concerning the fact of a toolbar - everyone has to eat - but the way it was included in the program. Initially it was unclear that including WSG also meant installing the toolbar. That has been rectified, at least to a degree. There were also amber warning indications on the GUI if the WSG component was not active. At the time I believed that more development was being put into the toolbar at the expense
  7. Whatever you get, try before you buy. These applications should have a fully functional trial period, usually it's for up to 30 days, before you have to fork over any $. If they don't, that's one of the qualifiers for a rogue product.
  8. I've read quite a number of user reports that indicate that the 2009 version of NIS is a great deal better/faster than the bloated earlier versions that gave the application so much notoriety. If I was a suite sort of guy, I'd certainly try it.
  9. I had thought that Comodo Firewall, and SafeSurf were totally separate applications. What goes (optionally, default on) with Comodo is Defense +. This is a type of HIPS, sometimes described as an internal or system firewall. If you know how to respond to any alerts it may pop up, you don't need Threatfire. Except for one possible type of case. If the D+ is in "install mode", and what you are installing is infected, (or otherwise bad), D+ will allow it and not alert you. And most folk would, I imagine, select install mode when installing software. If the "safesurf" you refer to is, as my und
  10. If the Comodo to which you refer is, as I believe, the firewall (version 3) and you have D+ activated, there is no point running TF as well. High percentage of overlap in function. Hanging on to Winpatrol? Make sure the Teatimer in Spybot is off. Keep SpywareBlaster up to date? Not much point in using Spybots immunity, then. Spybot is up to version 1.6, now. Still has some uses. MBAM and Superantispyware are both first class. Surprised you uninstalled SAS.
  11. Yeah. It seems to be doing a real good job at preventing that "S" key from jamming down.. Seriously, one person's opinion. Try Avira, Avast, AVG, see which works best on your system, which has the best support, and (the acid test) which keeps you clean. There is no best free antivirus, though there may be a worst one.
  12. PS. You should know that the forum title "advanced member" pertains only to an ability to press the "post" button. I'm a fair bit shy of "expert" in these matters. One other thing to maybe check is how many (if any) toolbars/BHO's are installed. They can sometimes mess with a browser. But if trying the steps above doesn't help, (or you're not willing to try) I'd be inclined to post a HJT log in the appropriate forum.
  13. It seems possible you may have been infected in the past, with a trojan related to a rogue application, maybe WinSpy, or VirusBurst (or similar); there are a few different results available for that registry value. That there were no files found infected indicates the infection was (mainly) removed. I don't know if this is related to the problem, but it should do no harm to delete that registry key. It would be advisable to create a system restore point, first, then, to delete the reg key, click "start" "run" type "regedit" (no quotes) press "enter", navigate to the key. (Navigation in reg
  14. Lets do a proper malware check, just to be sure. Download MBAM install it, update it, and run a full scan. Don't delete anything found; do quarantine. Let's know the results.
  15. When you run (or ran) Ccleaner, did you have it run an "issues" (registry) cleanup at all? And if so, did you have it make a backup? If so, and if the problem started after that, try locating that backup and double clicking on it. Have you quarantined or deleted anything with Spybot, AVG, or AdAware prior to this starting? If not, further investigation will be indicated. There are a few possible culprits, including malware that isn't detected by your current programs. I'd be inclined to find and download MBAM from MalwareBytes.org, install,update and run that. There are other program
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