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  1. nismo


    Hmm lets see... I used to love playing those old gamez on my amiga 500. Here's some favs from memory; Bubble Bobble Crazy cars Barbarian Wings of fury Street Fighter Robbo Cop Emerald Mine Ski or die ........................ You can still play most of these games using M.A.M.E the emulator, pretty neat
  2. I got 5 left too, give me a PM i can hook you up
  3. Some pretty convincing points you got their
  4. I use Spy-bot S&D, Ad-aware, Spy blaster and Pest Patrol. I don't think you can just rely on one program to do the cleaning, you have to use a variety, and these 4 do an excellent job.
  5. Thanks for warning us about this new exploit, i had heard about it, but hadn't downloaded the patches yet Also, for the person who said why do people waste time trying to find exploits, (especially with a jpeg) and so on, i think it is like a game to them. The soul purpose is to find a exploit, if they find one they are successful and can take the glory for finding it. Microsoft should pay these people because they are like finding holes and bugs in their software . But yet again these people are probably the ones who execute the exploits to cause damage and chaos I don't know but that's just my point of view. Thanks -nismo-
  6. Why bother with *pre-loading HL2* when you can go and play DIGITAL PAINTBALL! What is dpb... As previously stated, Digital Paintball is a modification for the Half-life engine. It seeks to bring the fast and furious gameplay of paintball to the home pc, and it seeks to do a damn good job of it. Previous retail paintball games have just totally stank (no offense to the developers), and we are trying to make a paintball game that is as realistic as possible, while still being fun to play. How about the gameplay? Digital Paintball's gameplay is somewhat unique: You start out at the beginning of the game, and are given a fixed amount of "credits". Using these credits, you can select any configuration of equipment that you want. After you have selected your gear, you are put right into the heart of the action. The game is round-based, and depending on the map, either capture the flag, elimination, center flag, or attack/defend Grab a copy today! Best mod i've ever played, so fun
  7. I don't have either but i'd say Xbox because it has awsome graphics.
  8. I don't know how to check if the power supply is working but i think you are on the right track.
  9. Are you sure your comp isn't key logged?
  10. Norton is a really great program, it's not only a super Anti-Virus scanner anymore, but it has many other useful utilities & tools. Plus it has updates ready to be downloaded like everyday which is awsome. I love it, and haven't looked back since i installed it
  11. Even tho this has nothig to do with the topic at hand, i would just like to thankyou for posting that excellent site. Thanks dude !
  12. Yo wolf i will emal you too, just incase freeware can't hook me up I really appreciate this, you guys so kindly helping out the Pit . Peace, -nismo-
  13. I agree with newdles, i don't see what he has done wrong, other than expressing his feelings on the situation and his point of view. Niteloner just follow the instructions you have been given and it should all be sweet.
  14. This is my story to the stupidest thing i have ever done on my comp. Well i had that sasser virus a while back, and it kept restarting my comp like 1000 times and one time on boot up, it came to a black screen where i could choose options, and i chose 'Last Good Config', this actually restored my computer to like the very first day it was made i think, and when i logged in all i could access was a blank desktop with no task bar, start menu, and i could only use TASKMANAGER to get around and open stuff lol. Yeah so some how i :censored: my EXPLORER.EXE, so i had to format . But hey i thought it would restore my comp to like a few months ago not to the day it was built! Was a very stupid thing and i have learn't from this
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