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  1. oh crap i don't have the old Msimg32.dll ,i'm a screwed?
  2. The newer dll was larger then my old one,omg am i screwed?
  3. I reinstalled windows 98 and installed opera browser,my pc said i needed the dll msimg32 for some display issues i think,so i downloaded the file put it in the windows sytem folder and it already said i had the file, i overrided the file i already had even though my pc said i didn't have the file when i installed opera.MY question will i have any problems with my operating system since i over rided the file i supposely had in my system already? By the way i download the file from this place. I download the file from this place http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?msimg32
  4. My computer use to change ip's everytime i resetted my modem but for some odd reason it just stays the same now,i've never requested a dynamic before.Does anyone have any advice?
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