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  1. .net framework is built in as part of Vista so it's not in the add/remove programs I also cant install from the .exe, just says an error occurred while windows installer was initializing.
  2. Hey all, been a long time since I've been here! So I recently got a TV tuner, I downloaded some software (Beyond TV) which tried to update .NET Framework which resulted in a BSOD while updating and an unbootable Vista Ultimate X64.. Anyhow I fixed that part, but now I cannot access my ATi control panel, due to the fact that they use .NET framework, which is now broken... When I try to access the control panel I get this error: Does anyone know how to fix this? Or reinstall .NET framework? The only help I've come across is to run "sfc /scannow" in cmd which did fix the problem..
  3. I just checked and noticed ATi 5.8 drivers are out, il install these and see if the problem goes away..
  4. Could that be because the video test is 2D?
  5. Ok ive heres a updated techexpress link http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CGNUNWJ4APQS0MYU My 9800 Pro came with a Arctic Cooler VGA Silencer on it, I would have though this would be more then enough to cool it down?
  6. When I play World of Warcraft for long periods of time, I will notice instantly my fps will drop to a number very low at any random time, after hours of playing it, i'd say my fps drop to about 15fps. If I continue to play like this, eventually this happens: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v139/inn...1405_173508.jpg If I try to play another game after this has happened they just wont work, Battlefield 2 just closes when I open it, and SWAT 4 comes up with this error: Do you think my graphics card is dying? or could it be a driver issue? I have to reboot to play other games a
  7. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp It shows you how to post your results.
  8. Its not even blocky or anything. Just the framerate doesnt make it as enjoyable.
  9. Well ive managed to get everything that it asked apart from the "Resolution 220 x 176 only" It tells me that the resolution needs to be a number divisable by 8 and 220 isnt divisable by 8... how does that work?
  10. Hmm i think my codecs are buggered on this computer, it plays the files fine, but.. something just isnt right. Well i copied virtualdub onto my other system, and it works. I can get it to the right resolution, the right codec (xvid), the right frame rate... but the bit rate doesnt change even if i set it to be 450Kb/s it will stay at around 18000Kb/s thats all i need to change. Im going to try and install the newer version of xvid on the other computer to see if that will make a difference.
  11. I have tried virtualdub, but everytime i choose the compression option, it just crashes
  12. Hey, I just downloaded a new firmware update for my iRiver H320 (multi codec jukebox), and it can now play .avi files, except they have to be a certain size etc, and have limitations. But I dont know how to encode video files using the xvid codec, which is needed for it to be played on my device. These are the specifications the file have to be. File format AVI Codec XviD MPEG4 (recommend XviD 1.0.2 codec) Resolution 220 x 176 only Frame Rate 10fps at Maximum Bit Rate 500Kbps at Maximum(recommend under 450Kbps) [Audio] Codec MP3 Bit Rate 128Kbps, 44.1KHz
  13. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/html/helpfiles/techexphelp.htm You dont have to do the last step, you can just paste the link in here.
  14. Mine downloaded it through steam. I bought mine through steam though, so maybe the retail package doesnt come with half life source, but I think it does.
  15. I got mine in Hong Kong for 460 AUD which is about 360 USD, but ive seen it around for 700 AUD here. The earbuds that come with it are pretty damn good, they give out a fair amount of bass for earbuds.
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