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  1. - I waited a couple minutes and it never re-opened. I'm running in Safe Mode.
  2. OS: Windows XP Home w/ SP2 I run Norton AV 2005 (OEM version: w/ the latest definitions, and have scanned my hard drive every day for the past couple months. Found viruses: Virus Activitiy log 1 Virus Activitiy log 2 Virus Activitiy log 3 I fixed a couple errors that HJT reported (view log file of errors) After I fixed the errors and restarted, I received an IE popup for: scanner.sysprotect.com/pages/scanner/?p=21&ex=1&ax=2&aid=nm_tz_spt_r8&lid=keyin and my internet has been fully disabled. I checked the hosts file and it was clean. Before
  3. - Most programs don't have the ability to read behind a raid setup, so searching for hard disk drive thermal monitor will most likely not provide results with ones that can read behind raid :/ I tried http://www.hddtemp.com with no luck at all, in fact, it didn't even recognize ANY of my 9 hard drives. - Just installed that and it only found one drive, the only one that is on its own PCI card.
  4. I've tried Fanspeed, and Sandra, none show temps behind a raid config.
  5. I have a raid 0+1 (4x74gb Raptor) set that uses the onboard raid on my motherboard (MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum). I haven't been able to find ANY programs at all that allow me to check the temps on these SMART enabled drives. Any suggestions? I am willing to pay a small fee for the software, assuming their trial works.
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