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  1. I also saw a program that runs on linux that gives you the exact location of the wifi signal. I don't have any links, but do remember seeing screenshots of it. Maybe try searching Google for it?
  2. There are a couple major steps between laptops, those with integrated graphics, and then those with a physical graphics card. You will be able to find a couple good deals on integrated graphics laptops (like the one you linked to with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950), but very few with a good graphics card for under $1,000. The problem with these integrated graphics cards, is that they have trouble running "good" games. I'm not sure if the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 will run WOW. How long can you wait for a good deal? I run across Dell Laptop deals all the time, so you might
  3. - Last known good config now restarts after the xp loading screen, could be a side effect of system restore being shut off. At least I will finally be able to start using Kaspersky instead of Norton ------- Edit: Consider this matter closed, I am going through a full reformat.
  4. - Restore is shut off. I will check back again for suggestions in the morning, else I am off to reformat the raid array. I have daily backups, plus ISOs of every piece of software that I need to re-install, so I am well prepared for a reformat.
  5. - Where do you get that at? Doesn't it show a 98%+ efficiency? Can you post your system specs? Temps depend a lot on what you're running.
  6. Logitech couldn't figure it out. One of their techs had me go through my registry and remove all instances of the widcomm bluetooth stuff. He had me delete everything that came up when I searched for widcomm. That didn't seem to work. Logitech said they will contact me on the 5th/6th. I decided to mess around a bit more and ended up making things worse. About an hour later my keyboard stopped working after I booted into windows, which is really odd. I booted into safe mode, uninstalled the drivers, and restarted. Now my keyboard AND mouse won't do anything. The keyboard is detected b
  7. OS: XP Pro w/ SP2 & fully updated I am trying to get my computer to recognize my Logitech Bluetooth Hub that is supposed to allow PDAs and whatnot connect to my comptuer via Bluetooth. The little USB hub that is in the above picture, works. It is currently working with my bluetooth logitech keyboard. Now the problem I have, is that I do not have a Bluetooth icon on my desktop, and when I click on Bluetooth Configuration in my Control Panel, I get a 2 minute pause and then a message pops up saying that there were no bluetooth devices found, and that I need to double check that the devi
  8. - That's right. I currently run 9, but will be adding more as I require more space, in about 2 months.
  9. I have too many drives, and will be adding a couple more in the next couple months, so there isn't a way I can arrange them. Any suggestions about what I do? I don't see any other way at all to position the hard drives in a way that will allow for better airflow.
  10. don, I removed Java from the add/remove progs list, and reinstalled. Thanks for the help!
  11. - I have one 120mm fan in the front that blows toward the back of the case. I was thinking about getting two 80mm fans that blow the air out of the back of the case, right above the PSU. Diagram of airflow (see flash movie) 120mm in front, cpu blower facing out, 120mm blowing in toward cpu air duct,
  12. - I won't argue that at all! It doesn't drag the system to a hault, however, NIS will. - I just upgraded my case, PSU, and video card, which was another $700. Something near $3k with all the hard drives. I had an AX500-A PSU before ($93), and then BFG 6600GT OC (~$165)- take away the last upgrade, and hard drives, it isn't too much. My last case only had room for 9 drives lol, and was really messy (Thermaltake Kandalf). I'm much happier with this Lian Li. The next upgrade in couple years, will be one of those sexy quad opterons. - If you have any suggestions for cleaning up the hard
  13. - I almost picked up two more 500GBs yesterday when Outpost had the sata2 7200.9 500GB w/ 5yr warranty 16mb cache for $165 after a $35 MIR. If it was the .10 version I would have done it, but the .9 didn't seem worth it to me. I'm waiting for that 750gb to come down in price. Close to 2TB now
  14. Thanks! It looks like both computers were running "Norton Internet Security". That's very different than the standard Norton AV, especially with resources/running processes/etc... NIS is like a virus, one that just decides to slow down your computer.
  15. - Aww c'mon - I followed those links and don't see any info about Norton. I'm pretty new here hence my low post count, so bear with me
  16. - First couple results for a search of "Norton" were people who had multiple AV installed. Care to be a little bit more specific? I looked on the first page of the forum and didn't see anything regarding slow PC and Norton.
  17. - Have an example? I've only seen issues with the really bad NIS suite (quite a fun program trying to get fully unistalled )
  18. - Norton AV? Or the Norton Internet Securit suite? - First, I wouldn't base everything from a single source, secondly, take a look at more than one result from the link you posted, not all tests show bad results. One test Norton scores 16%, but you gotta look at what the others score as well. - Norton scored 8% less than Kaspersky.
  19. - Where do you get your sources at? Reference 1 Reference 2
  20. There will never be a *best* AV program. People care about different things regarding AV. The one with the best detection rate seems to be Kaspersky. Just stay away from the freebies, unless you have a very slow system and need a program that doesn't hog up many resources. Take a look at NOD32, Norton AV, McAfee Ent, and Kaspersky for good paid AV (edited out reference to AVG)
  21. That still will only take the outside hd temp, not the internal temp that matters. I have a couple temp probes that give readings, but the inside temp is always hotter than what is outside, so the temps aren't useful. My Barracuda runs at 52 C, but operates without issues until it reaches 60 C, my temp probe says it is about 55 C, however SMART tells me it is 52 C, the temp prove is directly on the drive. Temp probes apparently are toally worthless (something I figured out AFTER I bought mine)
  22. I know those emachines are pretty cramped inside, but do you happen to have another motherboard to try and see if it will power on using the same power sw with a different motherboard? Double check that everything is actually properly connected, including the power sw. When you hit power, do you hear any fans or any noise at all? Did the computer all of a sudden turn off and then you found this problem? Or did you try to turn on the computer and noticed it did nothing?
  23. And here's what I did to get the internet connection up and running >>> Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection # > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties > Check "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" Then Start > Run > Type "cmd" without quotes > Type (without quotes) "ipconfig/release" and then wait for a response, then type "ipconfig/renew" and wait for the confirmation of a new IP address. If it still doesn't work, restart, and try the last step again. Note:
  24. I restarted w/o Safe Mode and it worked. Log after VundoFix.exe has been ran Log file looks clean, however, I am still unable to connect to the internet. brings up the linksys router setup page, but the internet connection is not being established. Here is the Vundo log:
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