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  1. Java isn't installed, the hosts file contains entries that I manually put inside. Should I just backup my hosts file and then run that prog? I'll post a HJT log.
  2. When I try to download large files, they will begin, then fail at random points (sometimes at the very beginning, middle, or end with 1 seconds left). Sometimes they don't even start! This happens in both IE and FF. FTP seems to be fine. I've tried other computers connected to this router on the same files, and they work. So I have narrowed it down to an issue with my computer. I've reinstalled FireFox, hoping that would fix the problem, but it didn't. I run Kaspersky and ZoneAlarm Pro. I disabled ZA, tried again, still didn't work. Then paused protection on Kaspersky, and tried ag
  3. Are you using an Alps Keyboard/Mouse? "please see my post in the viruses and adware section." - Expecting someone to search for your post is asking a bit too much, you might want to edit that out and replace it with a link to that post. Just give it a bit of time, someone should come along soon with a hand.
  4. - That's like saying a VW bug is a more reliable car than a Volvo because you have had good success with the VW bug. Another situation, let's say you own 5 WD drives, and 5 Maxtor drive, over a period of 1 year, all of your WD drivers have died, you claim that Maxtor is better because it "has proven itself to me" in your situation. - I'm not referring to a test, but tests. You should really care when the AV you use scores lower than other AV on a regular basis. There are about 5-8 test here that show other paid programs having better performance: And another: (Avast scored @ 1 yr ago @ 7
  5. - After the trial, you can still use it without having to pay for it, it just shows "evaluation copy" in the program title bar. Everything seems to work 100% for me, even after the 40 days.
  6. If you have money, why don't you spend $30 or so and get something a lot better? Free AV just doesn't cut it, tests prove it.
  7. - That's not AV. Also, that is an incredibly shady website
  8. Kaspersky up and running on my new machine! I haven't had a single issue at all with the install/setup. I especially like the built-in functions for notifications regarding program access and attempted registry changes. Basically, if a program tries to do ANYTHING at all, other than put a file on your hard drive, you are notified of it. I wouldn't suggest Kaspersky for a novice user, it just does way too much and can be very complicated. Kaspersky 30 day trial - they don't validate e-mail addresses. Note: Only have one AV program installed, never ever have more than one. So
  9. OS: fully updated XP I'm trying to set the default behavior for viewing folders to be "Details" instead of "Tiles". When you go to any folder on the hard drive, I want it to display with the view set to "Details" instead of "Tiles". Other than applying this on a folder by folder basis, have any suggestions?
  10. This is not specific to your motherboard, but in general, if you plug in a hard drive and see that it is not found at all (but appears in your BIOS) you might need to install the drivers for the controller that your hard drive is connected to. You can go to Device Manager, and select the hardware that doesn't have a driver, and update the driver with drivers found from your MB manuacturer. This always needs to be done when you connect a hard drive via onboard raid.
  11. BestBuy sometimes stocks the Dynex 800AVR, a rebranded 8 outlet Cyberpower. I picked up two a couple months ago, out the door at $80 total.
  12. Look for a dell driver cd. If you can't find it, you should still be able to get the actual drivers from dell's online support site.
  13. - Yes, follow this: Download the latest drivers from the nvidia website. Do not install it, save the installer to your desktop or a place you will remember. Download & install Driver Cleaner Pro then boot into safe mode and then remove the nVidia drivers from the Add/Remove Programs window, then reboot the computer into safe mode again, and run the Driver Cleaner Pro program. Make sure you select the correct value from the drop down box. Then restart your computer and install the nvidia drivers that you downloaded earlier.
  14. The screen only displays after you hit the Del key on your keyboard at the point I mentioned earlier. I sent you a PM.
  15. Restart the computer, and tap on the Del key a couple of times as it begins to load. You want to do it on the very first screen you see, it might be a screen that displays a nice logo/image, or it might list a bunch of devices that are loading. It will look something like this after it goes into the BIOS: http://www.hardware-one.com/reviews/msi6309/images/BIOS.jpg Do NOT change any value for now, the BIOS can really mess things up if you change things around, so be careful with what buttons you press. Look through each section in the BIOS for something that says the word "Wake"
  16. The FX5500 is my favorite out of the low-end AGP cards. It should handle everything you need, as long as you don't play many video intensive games (ex: doom 3). If you plan on playing quite a few games, Counter Strike, Doom 3, Call of Duty, etc., the 6600gt card is well worth the extra $50. I paid nearly $200 3 months ago for my 6600gt card (that I just recently upgraded), and it played Need for Speed Underground 2, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Doom 3, and Counter Strike Source, on high settings, without any issues at all. It is about the best card for under $150 right now. If you are
  17. What motherboard do you have? What games do you play?
  18. Sounds like a great buy! That 7200rpm drive is so much faster than the normal 5400rpm drives. Don't forget to change the startup options for the laptop so it doesn't load all the preinstalled Dell crapware.
  19. That doesnt sound good. Can you grab a screenshot of the popups? I think there is a button to "view more details of this report". The IP's abuse phone number is 1-740-606-6608. You could always call them and tell them the kind of messages you are receiving, and give them your information and they will do something about it.
  20. Try this: Startv > Run > Type (without the quotes) "cmd" > Type (without quotes) "ipconfig/all" and make note of the two IPs for the DNS servers. Control Panel > Network Connection > Right-click on the connection and select Properties > Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties > Click "Use the following IP address" Enter the following information: IP address: Subnet Mask (should auto-fill): Default Gateway: Preferred DNS: [use the first IP you got from the first step] Alternate DNS: [use the seco
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