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  1. Yeah... I also tried it by hitting F11 for the boot menu and selecting CD Rom. Same results both times.
  2. WD drive right? Try running one of the WD diag tools and see if it comes up with anything: http://support.wdc.com/download
  3. I held the red button held down for 30 seconds, booted up, no luck. Tried to boot from CD, same thing happened before. When I tried to boot via safe mode, the last item it loaded was tdi.sys
  4. - No scratches, XP CD works in other drives, also, I tried other boot tools, such as Back Track, Herin's Boot CD, and UBCD. - I'll give that a try.
  5. The replaced motherboard and CPU were the exact same model of the ones that were in the computer before. Only possible thing that has changed is a new mac addy for the new MB. - I can't boot from the windows CD as per my OP....
  6. This is a really interesting problem that I have already spent a couple hours troubleshooting. Computer: - 6600GT video card - MSI K8N Neo4-F - AMD x2 3800 - 2 x 512mb Corsair ValueSelect - Antec 350 watt (Smart Power I believe) - Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 series Replaced the motherboard and CPU, booted up the computer, installed Kaspersky (I believe the install happened while Norton was still on the system). The computer froze about halfway through the installation of Kaspersky, and then the power button was held down to completely power it off. When it booted back up, the XP
  7. You can take the router/modem out of the equation by simply disconnecting your computer from it. Does it boot if you're not connected to the router/modem?
  8. Thanks again for all of the suggestions and information. This reply is coming from my regular computer, since everything is up and running again. Raid 0+1 has saved my life with this hard drive crash. My motherboard includes nvidia raid. It can be confiugred via the nvidia management (accessed during boot), or through windows xp (using the nvidia raid tool). If you have a bootable raid set, it must be configured outside of XP. Since my raid set is bootable, I replaced the dead drive with a new formatted drive (NTFS), then went into the raid management window during boot, added t
  9. Are you running the internet security suite (firewall and anti-virus) from Symantec? Boot into safe mode w/ networking, disable your anti-virus (if you can, exit out of the program completely, as opposed to simply disabling it), launch Internet Explorer and complete the online Kaspersky scan: http://www.kaspersky.com/kos/eng/partner/d...kavwebscan.html If it finds anything, save the results as a .txt file and post it here. Nothing really pops out at me regarding your HJT log, I'm not sure what components are supposed to come up in the log with respect to Symantec. Maybe someone mor
  10. Wow, that manual details it out very nice Great find! Since I can't get into windows, I won't be able to rebuild the array via that utility. However, it looks like I should be able to do it via the nvraid bios (following similar instructions). I think the windows utility is for non-bootable arrays. I've filled out the WD advanced drive replacement, but called to get overnight shipping and found out they are OOS.... great Thanks for the in depth tutorial and link to the manual Lou, I'll have to remember to check that out in the future, as it pretty much directly answers my
  11. I figured it would be completely dependant on which drive it was that failed, I guess that's not how it works then. Thanks for the links about 0+1 arrays. According to the article, I should be able to rebuild the drives to a raid 0 array, which will allow me to boot. How do I know what drives (order) to use for the new array? I have 3 drives that are working, 2 should be the same, and 1 will be different. Two of them come up on channel 1, and the 3rd chanel 0 (I would assume this represents the 0+1) in the raid config details page. The article does state the array is downgr
  12. The failed drive is part of the 0 channel in the 0+1, so wouldn't it be downgradable to raid 1 at the very least? WD doesn't open up until tomorrow morning, but I will RMA the drive for sure. I just wanted to know if there is anything else I could do/try before I RMA that drive. I've never really worked much with onboard raid before. Even if the array can't be rebuilt with a blank drive, I should be able to mirror what is on one of the drives, and then add it back to the array in hopes that it will pick it up again as a regular drive, without having to rebuild anything.... maybe
  13. It sounds like from the OP that it happens with basic use, no matter the task, it always freezes. Luckily it is a software issue, not hardware. If it works in Safe Mode then there is some sort of software conflict on the system. How did you install XP without a working cd drive? Was it working and then it just stopped? Or is this a hard drive from another computer that you put into this computer? Do you have multiple AV programs installed? It might be worth it to post a hijack this log file (see http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=36065) and see if there is anything
  14. Do you hear any weird noises? Maybe your hard drive is making a clicking type sound? Or a rattle? Have you verified your cables are completely in? If it's been doing it since the beginning, it most likely isn't software, but rather something with your hardware. Does it work in safe mode? If you want to take your hard drive out of the equation, you can put a bootable CD in (Google search for "bootable linux cd"). If that works, then the issue is either with your hard drive, or the software installed on your hard drive. Since there is still a chance that it could be software related, y
  15. I'm running 4 74gb raptors in raid 0+1 via the onboard raid on my MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum board. Today, my computer froze, and after about 15 seconds, it started to beep. I turned it off by holding the power button, and it shut off. When I boot up, the NVIDIA raid controller shows that the 0+1 raid config is unhealthy. When I go into the details of the config, it shows 3 drives. I can add the 4th drive to the array (the 4th was part of the 0 channel), and then restart, and it comes up with the same message. When I view the details, it shows 3 drives again. The drive is detectable,
  16. Shouldnt adaware se personal, spybot, ewido, HJT, and kasperky take place of the pcpitstop test? Or should I still run it?
  17. Sorry, a download manager is out of the question. I want the problem fixed.
  18. - That might not fix my problem, and it would still require me to use a d/l manager everytime I want to download a file. Doesn't work for me.
  19. Still waiting for a reply from the SugarCRM developers....
  20. This might do it for ya: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=101220 250gb for $79 shipped
  21. 1) Does another hard drive work? 2) Have you tried the "dead" drives in another computer to confirm the issue? Doing the above should give you an exact answer to the issue. You might be able to take the drives down to a local comptuer store for testing. Usually they can test a hard drive/videocard/psu for free.
  22. Jacee was kind enough to verify my HJT log was fine. I'm pretty sure the types of files I can't download are not specific types, as I have tried many and it appears to be a problem with every type I have tried, which from memory are: tar, tar.gz, zip, exe, and rar. There might be a chance that this is an issue related to Apache/MySQL. My company uses SugarCRM's Enterprise Edition as our CRM for work. Basically, SugarCRM provides Apache/MySQL as an exe install, and allows you to run the sugar crm application on your computer, your comptuer then will connect to a server (where the
  23. HJT log (I have changed the real domains to example.com)
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