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  1. Okay, i changed the WPA2 to WPA2 Personal and hopefully it will fix any issues. Got a new modem that is supposed to be faster but I have to admit, lately, it doesn't seem like it so I wanted to see if maybe I can fix something with the router. The website password, I had it on file and tried it and it worked. Thanks.
  2. The make is Linksys and model is WRT54gs. I'm pretty sure I have had it after 2003 but I will check the settings. Thanks. EDIT: I do need to change the password to it anyways, it's too long. LOL
  3. I've had this wireless router for years and it seems for my mom, the internet is not connected. When I checked the settings for the ipad, It is connected, the lock is there but under the name of the wireless network it says security recommendation. When I click it, it says weak security. WPA is not considered secure. Configure your router to use WPA2 Personal (AES) security type for this network. It says this on her phone as well as mine. I use the Macbook but it shows the lock and I'm not sure how to check to see if it's secure. How do I check the router make sure it is se
  4. Maybe there isn't SP2 in Windows 7. I thought it would be in it already as to SP1. EDIT: I can just do 1 update that will seem to be downloading for hours but maybe I need to be more patient?
  5. Will it be okay if I have SP2 or do I need to download SP1?
  6. Is there something I can download that detect any malware or virus that might be hard to find? Grant it, Norton, Avast and Malwarebytes show no viruses or malware.
  7. I think you might need to make a new topic because I have no idea.
  8. I do not seem to have Pokki, I did a search for it and checked the extensions on the Chrome but I don't have it. I do not have Yahoo Partner toolbar installed either. Here are some screen shots of my add/remove programs.
  9. I uninstalled Norton and installed Avast and there are no viruses or Malware. Once it's on the desktop, it still loads slow when I start to use it or use Chrome. what shall we do now?
  10. It's okay right now but the last two days it has been slow again. I have run Malwarebytes on the computer but shows no malware. What if I uninstalled Norton and installed Avast? I have Avast on my laptop even though it's a Windows 8.
  11. Still having issues, I did a screen shot just before it froze and here it is.
  12. I'm kinda checking to see if there is one. A friend who is a fan of a celebrity that I like had boasted that she found his e-mail address on an app on her smartphone. At first I thought she did a google search but she finally confessed she didn't use the search engines but doesn't tell me what the app was. She seems to know people who know that celebrity so really, I think they the people who know the celebrity gave it to her. As private as the celebrity is, I am surprised that he has his e-mail on an app and would think once the friend found it, he has either had it deleted or changed it
  13. Is there an app on smartphones that can be downloaded for free to search for e-mail address of friend or celebrity?
  14. I did the disk check and there are no problems. I did two screen shots of the task manager that shows the processes, I wonder if maybe Chrome is the issue. The first one is when I turned on the computer yesterday morning and the second is a few minutes after it froze. Third one is this morning after I opened Chrome and it froze a bit then again after I closed Chrome.
  15. I did a check scan disk and I went to play my game when it finished. If there was a disk issue, would there be a report? I see I have some updates, should I try and see if that would help? Here is what my cleaner looks like as to settings, do you have any suggestions. The first one, Obvouskly, the top 2 or 3 that don't show will be ticked.
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