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  1. Ya that was expected the way computers "evolved" Im gonna go check out trp and see whats going on. Maybe i can help with something
  2. Worked destroyed my life. Didnt give me a chance to do anything!! Hows everything been around these parts?
  3. thanks for that younggun, it has been some time lol I should be in a bunch more often now
  4. I was just thinking of all the time spent logged in on here. 6-7 years ago this place was different.
  5. Super late on this but all GS2 any carrier has that issue i have seen. Phone will eventually just never turn on man. No root fixed any of my friends phones and I had a bunch of customers with this issue
  6. Sorry to say but Its game over for the drive :/
  7. do you have the driver files on a pc? usually for initial network setup it needa drivers. i dont waste my time doing automatic find. dowload these and save it on the pc. use those when it looks for inf files. http://h20000.www2.h...SeriesId=410622
  8. what happened? i like how my reply is missing too lol
  9. on windows 7, go to start menu, type in msconfig . you want selective startup. then go to startup tab and uncheck anything u dont want.save and reboot. try that
  10. on my phone trying to help out hopefully i read it right....qpi link you want full speed at the lowest setting. i think thats either 3.6 or 4.8? because once you oc it increases and will become unstable.
  11. the cpu bus try at 160. for sure relax the timings, so turn off auto and manually do it then check volts.a setup like that needs fine tweaking. a lot lol
  12. did you raise the qpi volts? the more stress you have more volts you should put for qpi. mines at 1.45v last i checked. @ 1920mhz cpu at bout 4.0. . side note, i cant run my system at stock clocks so try oc. bclck @ 160, ram will be at 1600 and relax timings. 11-11-11-28
  13. Hey, whats the full system specs, like motherboard and actual video card model. It can be as simple as the onboard video giving trouble. when turning on the pc try pressing delete like a few times to get into the bios. If your scredn pops up then its a driver issue with windows, if nothing its most likely a hard configuration issue.
  14. el kido

    Mobile Site

    Cache cleared. I still dont see a mobile option anywere. Just did it on the phone on desktop view and the only issue is a slight bit of lag when typing and matching it to the screen. To the point where the keyboard freezes.
  15. I know it has been said a few times but a mobile site would make a huge difference for accessing this place. I spend about 10 hours a day at work and there are slow time were I am bored and want to stop by here but with no decent wifi at my work (Sprint) It takes a little to long to load it up on my cell phone (HTC Evo) The Raptor Pit has one and it loads in less then 2 seconds thats how quick it is. Takes about 20 seconds to load up the full PCP page. Going page to page to comment or help is a little difficult. Something I would highly recommend if possible and not to much out of the way.
  16. No you should be fine. These CPUS are meant to run 70c at hours on end from basic consumer abuse...your at good temps. Check your ram speed. Maybe keep them as close as 1333 spec as you can. Disable AMD cool n Queit. What are your OC settings...Also HT speed
  17. Its all about the airflow. Even on liquid cooling. Cases make a BIG difference
  18. Can you plug the hard drive into another PC and try to access it like a storage HDD or similar? Could be the hard drive is toast. Try it into a different Pc first
  19. I can almost gaurantee not a single system out here has current drivers for everything. What can be throwong the test is chipset drivers, motherboard, sound, even microsoft junk. Main ones that should be done on a performance rig is video drivers and maybe sound if you have trouble. If you dont have any random issues you are good to go. Everything has a driver even your screen, again that can throw it off
  20. If it was an Android id be able to help you. Is there an airplane mode option? Try toggling that on an off
  21. Well I would first go into the BIOS and Manually set the timings, speeds and voltage for the ram. Plus have you inserted them into the correct slots?
  22. How much of the hard drive is actually filled. You can just add the drive into your PC its easy as that (if you have all slots available etc) but if it has windows xp never boot from that drive. ONLY boot from your 2005 hard drive or else the system will crash almost immediately. From like drivers and incompatibility. It will just show up as another drive in my computers
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