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  1. Good stuff coming out in the next coming months with phones. LG is bashing out some stong android devices, HTC and Motorola. Dual cores to the phones. Wow.
  2. You can probably do the $650 rrange but performance is shot down the drain big time
  3. I would rather do This Or call it a day with This one.
  4. Cant look at specs that way. The 5830 was a flop. The id go in this orderly fashion. 5770 $150. GTX460 $200. 5850 $300. Theres not much after that its kinda limited on that price range
  5. Yes, but nothing to spend money on. Is your motherboard compatible is the big questions
  6. You created a new partition, but did you format it?
  7. Spacers on a truck are bad. This was a warning. But that sucks, That is the number one thing I am always scarred of!!
  8. It was very sad moment when I gave my manager my two weeks notice. First thing I noticed is him freaking out, asked how much they were paying me the hour, as I said that he said he will match that...then he found out commission and the 40hrs and he just sat there, then we talked about how well I will do and its in my best interest. Then as I left I get a text from all the manager saying they will miss me and I suck gonna miss em. Just gotta move forward. Who here is sprint?
  9. You out of state kids lol, its Sprint PCS the cell phone company. I wish it were computers but I have retail stores (BB) that sell computers. No commission plus you have to sell only dells, compaqs, hps and related. Not real made systems This will be something to put on my resume though.
  10. Thats only the fun part of this job Jacee I just wrote a tearful 2 week notice for my boss. Gonna miss those guys
  11. Hey Guys, I got a job at a sprint store about 30 mins away from my house. It is far but the study I did is that its the highest traffic flow in the region plus my aunt lives down the street so its not that bad. Base pay is 11/hr full time plus commission. The recruiter said his guys are easily bringing in 3k a month and 2 guys are doing 5k a month. I am excited.
  12. Ya maybe the heatsink was knocked a bit when shipping, transferring and so the contact isnt to great with the processor causing heat, which will make it turn off
  13. Ya Mono sucks. I wass out for 2 weeks of school plus didnt get fully recovered for maybe almost 2 months. And I was in the same boat is you, I was only with My GF, I Was a germ freak too. She thought I cheated on her cuz she didnt have it
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