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  1. hey, you still be here??

  2. Ya that was expected the way computers "evolved" Im gonna go check out trp and see whats going on. Maybe i can help with something
  3. Worked destroyed my life. Didnt give me a chance to do anything!! Hows everything been around these parts?
  4. thanks for that younggun, it has been some time lol I should be in a bunch more often now
  5. I was just thinking of all the time spent logged in on here. 6-7 years ago this place was different.
  6. Super late on this but all GS2 any carrier has that issue i have seen. Phone will eventually just never turn on man. No root fixed any of my friends phones and I had a bunch of customers with this issue
  7. Sorry to say but Its game over for the drive :/
  8. do you have the driver files on a pc? usually for initial network setup it needa drivers. i dont waste my time doing automatic find. dowload these and save it on the pc. use those when it looks for inf files. http://h20000.www2.h...SeriesId=410622
  9. what happened? i like how my reply is missing too lol
  10. on windows 7, go to start menu, type in msconfig . you want selective startup. then go to startup tab and uncheck anything u dont want.save and reboot. try that
  11. on my phone trying to help out hopefully i read it right....qpi link you want full speed at the lowest setting. i think thats either 3.6 or 4.8? because once you oc it increases and will become unstable.
  12. the cpu bus try at 160. for sure relax the timings, so turn off auto and manually do it then check volts.a setup like that needs fine tweaking. a lot lol
  13. did you raise the qpi volts? the more stress you have more volts you should put for qpi. mines at 1.45v last i checked. @ 1920mhz cpu at bout 4.0. . side note, i cant run my system at stock clocks so try oc. bclck @ 160, ram will be at 1600 and relax timings. 11-11-11-28
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