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  1. This is what I got when I tried to install Msjavx86.exe. Acrord32', clicked yes License Agreement, clicked yes A required resource apears to be corrupted. I tried again and I think I got it, said Microsoft VM, The installation is complete. Tried to get into freecell solitaire again, without any luck.
  2. I tried to install Java but couldn't do it. I set the security level to medium, checked the boxes for Java vm, logging and console, so they would be enabled. The download srceen shows for a split second, but when I try to open it doesn't open.
  3. I added flashplayer and shockwave from adobe to no avail. Freecell Solitaire has a blue banner at top, but rest of the page is blank.
  4. I tried the first link and all that came up is, FreeCell Solitaire. Nothing else on that page. The second link, all I got was the same when I click on Web Game as the first link. The version I had was from the, Play Web Game, Free with limited features. This is the one I had and need to install.
  5. I had the free version of yahoo freecell solitaire on my pc. I had to reinstall windows 98se. After that i can't get freecell back. Any idears, Thanks, John
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