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  1. Hello, I purchased a DELL Axim X30 pocket pc (model number HCO2U) approx 3-4 years ago. Basically, it has sat unused for most of this time and now I am thinking of using it! However, the model I have does not have Bluetooth installed - or a wireless networking facility (technology has obviously advanced such a lot in this space of time!) The model I have has Windows installed (media player, Word, Excel and Outlook). I recently purchased a new main desktop with Windows Vista. Ideally, I would like to link my pocket PC to my desktop - but not sure if they would be compatible due to technology differences? What I want to know is can I upgrade my pocket PC have have Bluetooth and Wireless Networking installed - or is this not possible with the DELL Axim X30? I see that newer X30 models have these facilities installed. Perhaps I just need to sell it and buy a new one? Any offers of helps would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I am trying to access the Documents folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents and the error says that it is not accessible - Access is denied. I am trying to install software for my mobile phone and during installation it tries to save in the above location. I am unable to change the destination folder. Having checked the properties it says that C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents is 'Read-only' but I am unable to remove the 'Read-only'. How can I change the properties to this folder - I am unable to log in as Administrator as I do not how to. I am using Windows XP. Thanks
  3. Hello, I would like to start storing my DVD collection on the 320 GB I have recently purchased. How do I transfer my DVD film collection to the hard-drive for storage. I will find this much easier to watch my films and music DVDs. Is it easy? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hi, I have a DELL desktop PC (2 years old) - and has anti-virus software installed. For quite a while now the PC has been extremely slow when trying to run applications. There is not much data stored on the PC and having run virus checks all return results as OK i.e. nothing detected. The hard-drive is rather loud (much louder than when we bought it). Some people have suggested completely cleaning the disks i.e. deleting everything off the PC and re-installing all operating systems and software. I am happy to do this as I have a laptop where I can store my files. What I would like to know is what is the best and most effective way of deleting everything quickly - as I would like to re-install everything sooner rather than later. Is there a command that I can put in to remove and delete everything - basically stripping the PC... and will it give me the option to re-install everything again? Any help and advice is much appreciated... I just can't bare this horrendous slow speed any longer - and it is a modern PC Pentium 4!!!!! Many thanks
  5. Hi, I have a home wireless network set up between my main desktop PC and my laptop. Both are on the same network; both can connect successfully to the internet; I am able to share files between the desktop PC and laptop - and I can access from both machines.... however.... What I want to be able to do is remotely access the other PC. For example, I am sat downstairs with my laptop and I want to connect and send a console message to my partner who is working on the desktop PC upstairs. I can see how to do it in Computer Management but I continually receive and error message advising that I may not have Administrator permissions to see the other PC? Not sure how this can be when I can access the files via a shared folder. It is also useful to remotely access to do other things like reboot, close down etc. Any easy solution in accessing remotely from desktop to laptop? At work I have often had messages sent this way - which is quick and useful. Many thanks
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