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  1. CreativeTech


    I agree 100% but once I had my son having a console cater to child isn't quite as bad.
  2. Hardware fails, it happens to everyone sooner or later just do like the rest of us get over it.....
  3. I have that exact card even overclocked core:460 mem: 1.45ghz it maxs out at 52c.
  4. I had a evga 6800 128mb unlocked to using rivatuner 15.8. I upgraded to th 7800gs evga and it was a huge diff. all my 3dmark scores jumped nearly doubled in 3d5. I currently have my 7800gs @ 470mhz core 1.5ghz memory clocked with artic silver and awaiting a after market heatsink release. It was worth the upgrade in my case because I wasn't ready to upgrade my entire system (pci-e). - CreativeTech
  5. I still have my retired 2500m which was pretty famous for posting a pit test at 2.9ghz on air damn wish I still had the screen shots.......
  6. I understand cpus alone don't generate noise. I should have explained it a bit more clear. Less voltage and better thermal properties are very important in building a silentpc rig: the reason wdeywondrer is using a fanless cpu heatsink thus passively cooling the cpu via low rpm large system fans. Investing in a cpu that generates less heat then normal will provide better idle and load temps. the cpu doesn't generate noise; moving parts in PC's generate vibration along with the noise from fans, harddrives, cd roms. I hope that explains why I would be interested in a mobile cpu or a cpu of less
  7. Acutally CPU does matter when talking about silentPC due to power consumtion of the chip and actual heat generated by the chip. X_C, were you refering to the AMD Turion chips as an alternative?
  8. I've come acrossed a Pentium-M combo which includes: Asus CT-479 adaptor, Asus P4P800SE Motherboard and the P-M 730 chip for about $260 total. I don't game and I'm thinking about going the silentpc route. Sincerely, The break dancing bear
  9. thanks Rebel for the fast DL to the demo. I'm very impressed with 3D Realms "Prey" most fun I've had with a demo in awhile. Runs fine with my 7800GS AA 8xS and AF 16x on High quality.
  10. It's hard to tell someone is being sarcastic from simple text don't ya think?
  11. and AMD wouldn't had an answer for it? not even 3 years later......
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