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  1. Check out the site Anime On DVD and browse around the disc reviews and also check out the forum because there is a *LOT* of info. Highly recommended .
  2. I listen to a variety of Japanese music, here is a list of my favorite artists: -Gackt -X JAPAN -Dir en grey (this J-Rock band f :censored: ing rocks) -L'Arc~en~Ciel -Utada Hikaru -PornoGraffitti -Do As Infinity -MOVE -Schwarz Stein Some of my other favs: Malice Mizer, Legolgel, Lareine, Klaha (ex-vocalist of Malice Mizer), Hajime Mizoguchi (music composer), Yoko Kanno (music composer)
  3. That's what I am referring to . When I say Macross it technically refers to the original uncut version of the series.
  4. Watch Macross, it is way better than Robotech .
  5. Sailor Moon S to be exact . The original uncut version of this series is quite dark, and there is even a hint that Sailor Neptune and Jupiter are lovers .
  6. I have been a fan of Anime ever since I was little. My tastes for it are quite diverse. I suggest for those that want to find out more about the Anime/Manga world check out Anime On DVD, I visit this site daily for news and participate in the forums. I tend to like the more darker series such as: -Shin Seiki Evangelion -serial experiments lain -Boogiepop Phantom -Berserk -Devilman Lady -X TV Other series which I like are: -Great Teacher Onizuka (one of my favorites) -Vision of Escaflowne -Mobile Suit Gundam W -Patlabor TV -Gasaraki -Sakura Tsuushin -Please Save My Ear
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