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  1. Thank you so much PORTHOS that was the ticket now I have all my old info back and I am off the back everything up Many thanks to everyone who gave their time and info to help me with this issue.
  2. Ok thank you all for the great info, finally I got the computer to boot and recognize the Hdd, I had to plug in both power outlets and set the jumpers to CS Now the only thing that I can't access is my Documents when I try and open it I get this error mesg. D:\Documents and Settings \ Jason \ My Documents is not accessible Access is Denied :crash: I can access everything else but why not this? Thanks again for the great info here at PC Pitstop :beer:
  3. I forgot to add that I have my XP disk form my old computer but not one with my new but I do have the microsoft sticker on my pc. Is this the disk I should load and since both HDD have XP on them is this causing my problem? Thanks again for any help given
  4. Thank you TD the second power connection worked but I did have to put the jumper to master for the computer to recognize it. In my Bios it is listed as the Fourth IDE Master but on boot up it gets to a black screen that reads IDE Channel 2 Master Disk LBA,ATA100 200GB IDE Channel # Master Disk LBA,ATA100 120GB then lists PCI Device listings Then stops and reads Disk Boot failure Insert System Disk and hit enter. Sorry for my lack of computer skills but does this mean the Recovery disk that came with my computer? It was bought at a computer show and that is the only d
  5. As my original post stated "the device bridge plugs directly into the hdd and has a sata connection on the back and a power connection, but it also leaves the original power connection for the hdd exposed" I have the bridge plugged into the ide and then the sata cable connected to the board and one of the four pin connectors plugged into the bridge and the led on the bridge comes on but do I also have to plug into the exposed original 4 pin connection on the HDD or should the new bridge power it up?
  6. Ok set jumper to CS and rebooted but it, is still just hanging on the IntelP4 screen never loads from there. Do you think I should undo my SeaGate and see if the computer loads off of the WD alone?
  7. Thank you for the info I will try setting the jumper to CS and see what happens post back later Thanks again
  8. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=BJYL0W49QHJSFXRQ
  9. I thought the same thing(sorry not real good a the computer stuff) but the only other open (what appears to be IDE) connection on the board does not have the same# of pins and the new computer has 2 dvd drives using a 3way connector. The main Ide on the board is Blue and the one above that is black but has a different # of pins? Should I try it anyway?
  10. I hope someone here maybe able to help me with this one sorry for the long detail just trying to give as much info as posible. I purchased a new computer a few months back after my old one died My new computer has a seagate 200gig sata hdd, But I wanted to install my old WesternDigital 120gig IDE HDD into the new one for extra space and the info that is still on there. After some internet surfing I found an IDE to Sata Device Bridge seemed like my ticket, I got the device and it came with little or no info. I have tried to install the HDD but the computer just hangs on start up and never go
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