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  1. Thanks for the repl, IntelGuy. Glad to be here. I did not uninstall anything. There is no entry in my "All Programs" list, nor in the Program Files directory on my hard drive, nor in the Add/Remove Programs list. I ran the scan once to try it out (presumably downlolading an executable), then a couple weeks later I noticed the msconfig entry. I'm not big on registry edits, so I'll probably just let it be (and disable manually from msconfig interface). I'm just a little surprised that from a site I trust so much that I would install and run a trial of something, and yet hav
  2. I currently have a PCPitStopErase.exe entry in my msconfig Startup programs list. I'm pretty sure I got it by "trying out" one of the scans (privacy scan, perhaps?) from the PCPitStop web site or from the newsletter. (I did not purchase it.) I could easily uncheck the entry in the Startup tab, but truthfully, since I am not using this program (and did not even realize that I still "had" it somewhere) I'd prefer to uninstall "cleanly" if possible. Is this just a leftover remnant of the program that will live forever in my Startup tab? Or does anyone have hints on how how uninstall
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