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  1. We have a Olympus SP-500UZ camera, the batteries we use Duracell Ultra Digital AA, they last a long time, i remove them when not using.
  2. When you scroll up or down it rolls i call it. I found this in another Forum. Was this a problem with program windows doing an animated minimize and maximize when run? If so, here's the registry entry to disable it: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "MinAnimate"="0" Setting the value to "1" restores the animation. It didn't work. Thanks for replies
  3. I think my problem will be solved, HP is shipping me Recovery Disc for XPHome.
  4. Heres one of the Drivers i install, i think i might be missing 1 or 2. http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...8.26_11.09.html Thanks
  5. Vista was first, theres only 1 hdd on at a time, i move the Cables to what HDD i want to use,
  6. I have 2 HDDs 1 with Vista, no problems with it, the other HDD with the problem is XPPRO.
  7. Heres little more info. The PC is a HP Pavillion A6200N with Vista, i installed this HDD with XPPRO. Heres the test. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CVV4SWJ6N9VS17UV Thanks
  8. I just load a HDD with XPPROSP2. When i open a ICON or Folder it rolls, i had this happen before do not remeber how i fix it. Thanks Starmac
  9. I use Picasa down load my Photos, make a folder on the desktop, then in Picasa i choose a folder and Export it to the one on the desktop, then send it to My Pictures, then 1 copy to my external back up HDD.
  10. Juliet heres a couple i use what do you think of them? I use 90% whats on your list. Sorry for butting in. vCleaner, Stand Alone Virus Checker from Grisoft. Can be downloaded from: http://www.grisoft.com/doc/112/lng/us/tpl/tpl01 Save to your Desktop and run from there. REGISTRY CLEANER: Easy Cleaner, the best Registry Cleaner I've found so far. Can be downloaded from: http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/ecleane.htm Just scroll down to "Download & Installation" and click on the first floppy disk symbol.
  11. This is what done. try this command start run cmd click ok on the command windows...... type this in CHKNTFS /X C: press enter restart your computer It just rebooted to my desk top. I'm not having any problems i just check stuff.
  12. I tried this it just booted back to my desk top, what did i do wrong?
  13. I don't know if this can help you. http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/ecleane.htm
  14. Let use know what happens. Wish you luck KID.
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