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  1. Aside from all the health factors involved, smoking is way to exspensive, and it makes ya smell bad, and it really is unattractive IMO.... but your not gonna quit unless you really really want to, I can't imagine how hard it would be, I know its a highly addictive habit, I sure hope you can do it !! I'm pulling for you !! Good luck!
  2. I don't think you can keep the animation after you resize it..
  3. Should ya install that on top of the older version, or do a fresh install?
  4. Yea I know, read the fine print lol. I saw that after I re-read it. sorry. thx much!
  5. Hi ev1. A while back I uninstalled Norton anti virus software, I just happen to be scrolling my add and remove programs and noticed two related things in there. LiveReg (Symantec Corporation) 2.16 MB Live Update 1.80 (Symantec Corporation) 7.69 MB It should be okay to remove those shouldn't it, since I don't have Norton anymore? Yes?
  6. Gosh Radio that looks so much better, what program did you use?
  7. Maybe they could use it for the really bad criminals that the judges insist on only giving probation to, and make them pay for it too!
  8. This is my new baby, his name is Baby. The pics have red eye pretty bad and I am not real sure how to eliminate them, I'm sure I probably won't be able to get him to pose this way again so If any one has any tips, bring them on! Baby
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