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  1. I have been having a few what seem like, specific Wi-Fi issues lately. I used to be able to have proper video chats with my folks back east without any issues via skype and yahoo messenger. About 2 weeks ago, as we tried, I found that their audio was extremely garbled and impossible to understand. Video was fine. They could see and hear me perfectly well. In yahoo messenger I would get an occasional message saying weak Wi-Fi signal. Everything else, surfing, downloads all seem to be at speed and just fine. Pages load as quick as ever, downloads, same deal. My tower is wireless, and has a little antenna in the back. So the question is, will getting a stronger antenna help this problem? Is it as simple as unscrewing the one in the back and screwing the new one in? Thanks for any advice, help.
  2. Replying to myself since I solved the problem and if it happens to someone else, maybe I will help somehow. I did one system restore, but it was too soon, so I ended up doing a second system restore back to my second last full back and I am back on with the desktop. I beleive it was the Incredimail "update" that did it to me. I've never had that happen on another software update before, usually windows only. Anyway, I did find my previous post when this happened to me on my laptop...all's well that ends well....at this point!
  3. I don't know how this happened and it's the second time it's happened to me and I can't figure out how I fixed the problem, which is : I had updated a program on my desktop(one listed below) and I did a reboot. Nothing spoecial I reboot a few times a week, after a good cleaning, updates, whatever. anyway, I did that today and when the system was booting back up it told me that it was Configuring updates 3 of 3 and was at 0% Well, I didn't see any updates except for updating my Incredimail. Now it is in a vicious reboot cycle never booting up completely. I did an F11 and went to system restore back to a point yesterday before the update to no avail....anyone got anything for me? Gracias, meric, thank you.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Stormy. This is actually for my niece and nephew who have to put something together for the weekend. And my daughter and I have been looking for something as well, so great all aorund. This is why I love this place!
  5. I'm looking for slide show software to create a slide show with approx 2-300 pictures set to music. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Ok I've figured out how to upgate the firmware. Do it hardwired from the modem right? Any other comments on the link from my original post
  7. From time to time I need to reboot my router. It's not in a tough spot, it's easily located. I walked over, pop the power plug for 30 seconds, pop it back in and away I go. Now I happened to have a speed issue the other day and comcast seemed to think it was my router. I don't think so, things are fine now, but the person I spoke to did say that the latest firmware would alleviate any issues I may be having. So I went to Linksys website and downloaded the latest firmare. How do I use it? When I opened it, windows said it needed a program to open it. It's obviously not an exe file, so how do you take advantage of it. Second question, when I started poking around to answer some of my "firmware" questions I stumbled onto this link http://lifehacker.com/software/router/hack...uter-178132.php Is this legit of a whole lot of crap? Thanks as usual in advance....
  8. Thanks...I figured as much. It's only a few seconds and is reallyh nothing spectacular for what I am doing most of the time.
  9. So every once in a while...have yet to notive any timeline or pattern, my interent will slow down. I will check out the speeds at http://www.speedtest.net/ and it will be horrible. I found that simpy unplugging and plugging my router back in gets it back on track Any ideas why? I have yet to networkd our computer, but they are sharing the same router...my daughters laptop, my son's computer and of course mine... Again, once I reset the router...all connections are perfectly fine.
  10. Ok...I finally got out of it. What I ended up doing was shutting it down. Left it for about 5 minutes or so. When I turned it back on, it detected errors on the disk and asked if I wanted to repair, of course I said sure! It did it's thing, rebooted and everything is back I did an update on Windows, did a reboot and when it booted back up it deleted, or dumped all the corrupt files. All seems to be fine again.....for now.....hell...have not had something like that ever happen to me before, even in Win 95, or 98...I've had plenty blue screens of death but not like this.
  11. Scenerio is as follows : Recently bouthg and running an HP Slim Line with AMD Duel Core 64 x 2 5000+, 2 GB RAm, 400 GB Hardrive and Vista Home Premium Everything was transferred and has been running nicely. Installed my programs what I needed etc. Drivers updates, Windows update...all running fine until about an hour ago. I had bought a firewire to hook my video camera up to transfer and burn our home movies. I transferred about 5 minutes worth of video, unhooked the camera, then clicked on the video file to watch it and see how it looked. Suddenly my monitor went black...then I managed to reboot and got blue screen...booted in safe mode, checked stuff, rebooted...blue screen Booted in safe/netowrking mode and went online to solve the rpblem, and the problem windows said was that I needed to update my Nvidea driver...so I did...still the same thing. Did a system restore, still blue screen....no matter what I do I can't get it back to where I had it. I hope that System Recovery is not my final option yet as I hope to not lose the work I have done since firing this system up. Any help would be hugely appreciated..meanwhile I will be back at the blue screen beast trying to sort it out. Thank you!
  12. Anyone have any links, advice for good defrag program for Vista and other programs that work in the Vista enviroment that helps maintain a high level of optimum processing?
  13. Recently bought an HP desktop with muvee Editing software which is limited unless I purchase the full version. Wondering if there is anything out there that is real cheap or free that does it all, or almost all. Adding effects, soundtrack etc for home movies and slide shows. Thanks
  14. To begin, I am of the mind that if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Having said that, last year I was able to aquite a copy of Norton Systemworks 2006 and installed it and the computer ran fine. Mega long boot ups, but overall, felt well protected and safe. Well, my registrastion ran out so I went to re-up and downloaded new version. NOTHING BUT HELL FOR 3 DAYS!!! Lost internet connection, tech support was of no help. It was brutal! So knowing about AVG and the fact I had my router set with the firewall I decided to get my money back, uninstall all norton's stuff and clean the registery of anything nortons as well. rebooted, installed AVG and it's like having a brand new computer. Well, not quite, but for our porposes it runs fantastic. Boots nice and quick, still feel safe and sound. I've seen many a post here extolling the crap that is Norton's and am here to tell those others still using it first hand,...DUMP IT!
  15. Thank Wademan... Actually it rarely happens and yes I have a firewall. I have since rebooted my system as well and it seems to be holding fine.....
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