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  1. On a mate's failing-to-boot Abit KN8 the beep codes, 1 long followed by 2 short, indicate graphics card or monitor failure. However, neither is the case as both graphics card and monitor are fine. I've checked with another working graphics card and monitor and the beep codes lie. Naughty beep codes. Has the mobo gone insane ? Or is it something else ?
  2. Well, I suspect he didn't tell me the whole story. It was pretty much the height of optimism expecting to find somebody else whose Windows suddenly decided to reinstall itself. Might to be good feature to include though.
  3. OK, I've told him to back up what's left and do a fresh install.
  4. I just got a call from a mate- Win2K- and he says that when he booted up today he got a 'Welcome to Microsoft' window, as if he was installing, and his 'My Documents' folder is empty, along with all his Outlook Express folders. Any clues ? There's no disc in his drives and he runs AVG Pro daily.
  5. That's right, although I did create a small OS partition during Setup.
  6. I mean that I didn't have to load any third party drivers at the F6 prompt because I'm not running RAID, just a solo drive. The Windows drivers are adequate for the drive, provided WIN2K could recognise the 500Gb drive. The mobo installation CD contained its own patch, as mentioned by Joe previously, to enable 'Big Lba', like the download Brandon linked to. It's simply run along with any other option you choose to install from the mobo CD.
  7. There were no drivers for this HD, Tom, as it's running solo. The Mobo CD contained the necessary patch for recognising the fat boy so I didn't have to look any further. Thanks for the info though.
  8. OK, there was a disk patch included on the mobo CD and Windows 2K can now see the large drive. Cheers to All. Onward through the fog.
  9. Dammit, I was planning to type all my 'U's in blue.
  10. Cheers Brandon. Is the WIN2K disk management/partitioning tool OK for that ?
  11. I'm just setting up a new 500Gb hard drive, on its own, with Windows 2000. It's a slipstreamed disk containing SP4 and I expected it to see the large drive but it doesn't. It's offering me a maximum partition size of 131062Mb. How can I enable the drive ?
  12. OK. I've ordered a low-cost Gigabit PCI card so that I can circumnavigate the board's inbuilt Gigabit ethernet. I can always send it back if the board is OK. My other WIN2K machine on the network is also Gigabit and that's been working fine with slower stuff for a couple of years. I'm starting to wonder if my Hard-drive is screwed with multiple instances of Windows. I've got 5 entries for Standard OpenHCD PCI to USB Host Controller , one of which won't load its drivers, and I can't get rid of them with a format and reinstall. It's like the drive remembers being part of a mirrored RAID system and won't let go.
  13. Anybody experienced any issues with this 10/100/1000 board and LAN compatibility with older 10/100 ethernet systems ? This is related to my other post regarding the MS IP address.
  14. Fantastic ! What's topping the cosmic charts this week ?
  15. You must be in one of the poor areas. Chuck them some beads or something. The chief is the one waving a broom handle with a load of beer tops nailed to it.
  16. Looks nice, good luck mate. Did it come with a free wig ?
  17. Takes all the fun out of learning antique guitar. Man, the action on this thing is brilliant. It hasn't got one.
  18. I've got one of these; http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/Conten...L%253DN,00.html I wish they'd been around when I started. No sore fingers, a range of different guitar and bass tones, no tuning required, no busted strings. You name any downside to guitars and this ain't got it. You can use it as a synthesiser controller. That means you get guitar and bass sounds ( about 15 built in plus a few other sounds ) and the possibility of sounding like ANY instrument available in PC software AND any synthesiser too. Plug it into your amp. stack. 500 Watts of screaming Japanese flute. Wow.
  19. Nice one. Did you go for the fashion colours or the plain white ?
  20. Geez mate. Quick, have your last crunchy apple.
  21. You having bridge-work, Dickster ? I lost the front 'nashers a while back . Can't remember who knocked them out but the ol' dentist did a good job with a bridge. You can't take a bridge out though and frighten the kids. Still.
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