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    GA-K8NXP-9 NF4 Ultra 939/Athlon64 4400x2(Stock)/128MB Gigabyte GV NX66T128VP Fanless 6600GT/4x1Gb Crucial PC3200DualChannel/2xSpinPoint P120S 250GB SATA2 8MB NCQ(RAID 0)/Corsair HX620W Mod.PSU/2xAkasa AK-183-L2B Ultra Quiet 120mm Fans/Akasa AK-FC-03 Fan Controller/Akasa Acoustic Matting/Akasa Eclipse-62 Case Black/E-mu 1820m ext.sound card/2xFostex monitors/SONAR7 Studio/Jamstix2/STUDIO PROJECTS C3 MKII LDC/2xT-Bone SC140 SDC/2x Formac 20" TFT /Win 2K Pro.(SATA II RAID 0)/SuSe 10(40Gb ATA)
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  1. Wow, no more 98Se, that's sad. Still, look on the bright side. The last reason ever to load Internut Exploder on your 9x box just got FRIED !! Yay !!!
  2. I've tried reinstalling, no good. I've just posted a question to Gigabyte tech.
  3. What would cause this behaviour ? One instance of the controller will not load if there is anything plugged into the mobo USB ports on boot. Anybody experienced this ?
  4. No Dave, it's a new system. It sails through the initial checks, including 'sending to Pitstop' then starts on 'Checking Add/Remove...' but freezes. I'll try it again now. Nope. 'Checking Add/Remove Programs List O... ' is where it dies. No messages. Not so much as a 'Sorry moon, your compensatory cheque is in the post'.
  5. Yeah, you could call him a 'volunteer', I suppose. I'm returning his garden gnomes, unharmed , on Saturday. OK, I'll do that.
  6. Well, he ended up diagnosing a faulty Linksys Gateway and he was right. I put in a new Linksys 4 port Gigabit router and all is tiny bikinis. For back-up I got a Gigabit PCI card which I was going to circumnavigate the new mobo with , if necessary. As it isn't necessary I'm wondering if I could put that into my elderly Win98SE box instead of its 10/100 ethernet card ? Then all three machines would be Gigabit.
  7. I've just run a Pit test on a new build and I've got the self-same problem. Freezes on ' checking Add/Remove ' My other two machines test fine.
  8. Hmmmm, the controller is still flagged even when using a Ps/2 mouse. The drivers aren't being loaded if there's anything USB plugged in to the mobo. ports.
  9. Yes, It's connected correctly. I just rebooted with the USB mouse plugged into the front panel and the Controller has loaded its drivers. The problem is the USB mouse. I think I've got a driver CD for it somewhere. I've stuck an ordinary mouse in and the controller problem has gone. Cheers Joe. Now I've got to find out why the USB mouse caused the problem in the back USB ports. The driver CD didn't cure that. Why do you think there's no problem when used with the front ports ?
  10. Well that's reassuring to know. My other WIN2K machine has only one instance. It's formatting at the minute, Joe, but I'll try that. Yes, I've got front USB ports connected.
  11. Hmm. There are actually five instances listed on the mobo CD. Any ideas why one won't kick in ?
  12. I've just installed a new mobo, a Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H. Also a pristine hard drive upon which I installed WIN2K SP4. In 'Device Manager' I've got 5 instances of Standard OpenHCD PCI to USB Host Controller, one of which is flagged as 'unable to start'. Reinstalling its drivers fixes this but the flag is back on every reboot. Is there something screwy with this mobo ?
  13. The diagnosis is now that the new mobo, with Gigabit 10/100/1000 isn't talking to the rest of the 10/100 ethernet system. Waddya reckon ? New Gigabit router ?
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