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  1. Essential strategies; 1 Use her photo as a screensaver. I'm sure the other guys will add some more.
  2. Loud report. Moon appears amidst showers of sparks and acrid smoke Aha ! There will always be cheats, they cheat now with paper ballors. Nothing wrong with having a paper backup to one's electronic ballot. I believe there are trials ongoing for linux-based voting software. It's the future. We'll be able to vote everyday, if we want to. There's always a local issue that needs addressing inbetween the big ballots. We can make our views known frequently, not once every four years. Edit; The Indians have just completed an electronic-only ballot for one billion people. Them Indians
  3. Yo mouse. I feel good when you laugh.
  4. Saudi Arabians gutted. http://www.cpa-iraq.org/
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