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  1. Nice one, Hulk. 2k is there too. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Ultim...9x/1009662435/3
  2. Foxit stuffs Adobe. Copy/paste still drives me nuts but it's way faster. Adobe is for jorks. Then again, so is pdf.
  3. I think Storm Rider requested that the thread got confined to 'forgiveness', mate, so I'm off. I was just putting you straight on the Pharisee thing. No worries.
  4. No mate, there's no law against saying 'Christian', 'Sufi' or 'Muslim' either. You shouldn't get confused between a religion and a political movement. There are lots here who do, bless'em.
  5. Err.....I don't think so, D-Dog.
  6. That's succinct and refreshing , doug.
  7. Some rare people can do it. I'm not one of them.
  8. The heaviest bustard I ever saw knocked down three gamekeepers and a sycamore then ploughed to a halt outside the Yeoman's Hospice. It was quite apologetic so they decided not to stuff it. Just as well. It was a right heavy bustard.
  9. I thought it was gone for good, but it's back; You've got to admit, that is one heavy bustard.
  10. Was it him who wrote 'The Okey-Cokey' ?
  11. Geez, they are getting VERY sloppy at the Hague; Milosevic found dead in his cell Ex-Milosevic ally kills himself
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