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  1. scratch that, just got an idea. To prevent others from using a live cd to change the root password, you could go into the BIOS and change the boot order, placing the hard drive before the cdrom drive. To take it to the next step, you could also set up a BIOS password to prevent others from changing boot order... hmm.
  2. I have a question about increasing security on a computer with ubuntu.. but first the story explaining why... I set up a server on the local network, gave my brother the password to my account on it since it was the only one on the computer, and the whole point of the server was to have a central location for music, tv shows, movies, etc to stream to the other computers on the network and save space overall. So I figure it wouldnt be a big deal if we shared the same user/password combination. So I gave it to him so he could connect via SSH to do various things. I try to log on several days later, and I find the password has been changed. I solved this by burning damn small linux to a cd and starting it up on there, then I mounted the hard drive and edited the root password, and then saved the changes and rebooted and used the new root password so I could enter recovery mode when starting up and change the main user password info. So I set it to a new password to prevent this from happening again. Then I went about setting a new GRUB password, then I realized something: it doesn't matter what I do to secure GRUB or the user information; someone could always do the same thing I do, and use a live CD to edit the password information on the computer. So how are you supposed to make a computer secure, if you can always use a live cd to delete the password for root or GRUB on it?
  3. Anybody here into biking? Cycling is something I've been getting into recently. At first I rode my old beach cruiser for 7.5-10 miles a day, depending on the day of the week. Trying to ride a beach cruiser like it's a road bike isn't the most fun thing to do, so I got a road bike after a month or so. Its an old school schwinn that I believe is from the 70s or 80s.Looks like this bike, but is black. Got it for $60, then had the tires replaced and gears fixed for another $60, and works perfectly now. Although it's a really pretty bicycle(imo, I'll post pictures later..), I think I really want to get a well-kept old school Bianchi. I'd love to get a bianchi from the 80s, like this. After I got the Schwinn I started to ride for 10-15 miles daily. It's been almost two months since I got that road bike, and I've taken a break from riding for the past week, and I plan on picking up again this weekend. Besides for the typical 10-15 mile ride, on occasion I'd go on longer rides or shoot for better speed. I'm trying to make a ride out to ft.pickens a monthly deal. 6.5 miles from my house to the gate, then 1.5 miles paved, 2 unpaved over sand, and then 7 paved. Repeat for ride home. The 2 miles over sand are tough; you have to walk your bike. It's very rewarding to return home after a ride like that though So does anybody here at the pit also ride for exercise or fun? Anybody here with some nice road bikes?
  4. Maybe you ought to get a gmc or chevy like that one your friend had? My dad used to have a silverado with 4 wheel drive, and it got the job done... But regarding that lift kit; do you really need 4-6 inches? Are you fording rivers often or something? Whatever truck you get, try it out for awhile without the lift kit. Then see if you really need it. If it's a proper 4x4 it'll have good approach/departure angles and be able to clear most objects and rocks fairly well. I've heard from LR guys that the reason pick up trucks will have a stiff ride is due to the design of the suspension, being built for heavy loads rather than comfort off road. I dont know how true that is but it sounds fairly plausible.
  5. off roading in 2wd... bad idea. If you are serious about off-roading get a jeep or land rover, they're the oldest brands for off road vehicles and are great for it... Being realistic, get something like a toyota tundra. I've only heard good things about them. something like this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks...p3756.m14.l1308 already has a brushguard...
  6. came in here a bit late. haven't posted here in a while but wanted to stop by and say merry christmas. and as far as xmas presents go.. i got a hp computer w/2.4ghz core 2 duo 2gb of ram and 250gb hard drive nintendo wii 16gb ipod touch 8gb iphone 70-300mm nikon lens 50mm nikon lens
  7. I'm betting it'll make it. the space shuttle's made it just fine on 116 out of 118 missions...
  8. ask z10n. I'm sure he knows of a few.
  9. Ah yes, "staying in class". I guess that's a nicer phrase for keeping up. Trying to maintain social classes is pretty stupid.
  10. No. Just no. Why in the world, at age 16, would you want to trap yourself into car payments of up to $450 a month on a new car? And so what if your cousins drive BMWs and mercedes? Do you really have to keep up with them? I hate it when people buy something just to keep up with other people. Being that materialistic is a waste of time. You should get a car much more affordable to you than a new car, or recent car. Buy something under $3500 that's still nice. Yes, it's possible. But you definitely don't need a 350Z or BMW 325i as your first car. Please don't do that. Just get a nice used car from the mid to late 90s. That's what I'll probably be doing. I actually get my license 3 days before you, on september 20th. Wonder what I'll be driving. And stop driving around before you get your license. If you get caught, they can delay your license for a couple years, no matter the excuse you give them.
  11. Hey, i've got no problem with ogg vorbis. I wish more people used it, but like 99% of the stuff on the pirate bay/mininova/assorted sites is mp3. a shame
  12. too bad nobody uses ogg vorbis
  13. https://flagship.vanguard.com/VGApp/hnw/fun...;FundIntExt=INT
  14. ...or maybe they have a real life outside of myspace and don't need to have people comment on their profiles, pictures, etc. to feel better about themselves. A lot of people say they use myspace to talk to their friends. I don't really understand that because if they are truly your "friend" then you probably already have their phone number or aim screename and can talk to them at anytime, and you don't need to go on to their profile to see what their favorite music/movies/books are because if you're truly friends you already know that. To me myspace seems like a waste of time. Cut out the middleman and talk to your friends in real life or on the phone. you don't have to see any banner ads when you talk to your friends in real life, either.
  15. I think the 1920x1200 resolution on a screen that size is pretty crazy but 17" seems kind of large for something to carry around with you
  16. Why even get a notebook if you want a 19" screen? I don't understand.
  17. I'm looking at ebay listings for 4gb ipod nanos right now. Out of the 743 results for 4gb ipod nano, I'm seeing three sell for more than $150. Do you really expect to sell all of yours for more than that? Because most of these 4gb ones are selling for $70-110. That's kind of the price range you stated for the 2gb one. And the 2gb ipod nano seems to be around $50-90 mostly.. where did you get the idea they would sell for so much more? I'm not being negative, just realistic. It's possible to make money selling stuff on ebay. You have to be realistic though. If it was possible to make that much money that easy, tons of people would be doing this, el kido. Here's a more reasonable plan: read the intelligent investor by benjamin graham. Take that $1750 and start investing (and do not speculate!) in reasonable stocks and bonds. http://www.amazon.com/Intelligent-Investor...3376&sr=8-1
  18. who would buy a chinese clone when regular ipods are already cheap on ebay? again, i think you're being too optimistic.
  19. wouldn't you have to be 18 to register an ebay account? i know it's possible to have a debit/credit card and open a paypal account if you're under the age of 18. But how did you get around the 18 rule on ebay? Anyways, i think what you think you'll make off an ipod is a bit generous. 30gb video ipods are selling for around $150-180 on ebay. Where did you plan on getting one for $170? ebay itself? It's hard to buy something that popular at the average price for it, and then try selling it on the exact same site for $80 more when competing with other identical products selling for what you bought it for. Don't quit your subway job unless this really works out...
  20. my service was upgraded from 10/1 to 15/1, i didn't even notice.
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