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    8.04 bug thread

    Runs well on my desktop. Runs good on the laptop too.. except it has the same strange suspend issues every once in a while like it did with hardy heron.
  2. linux computer: windows computer: laptop:
  3. laptop has been the same for awhile now: http://danielosullivan.com/1_20_08.JPG new desktop with vista: http://danielosullivan.com/1-20-08.jpg old desktop with ubuntu gusty gibbon: http://danielosullivan.com/12008.png
  4. my current desktop: http://danielosullivan.com/screenshot.JPG
  5. david bowie's album, the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars
  6. ... as long as you paid $250 or more for applecare. Any other industries? Those don't require a mac. You can run adobe indesign on a mac or pc. While the mac has final cut pro, the pc has sony vegas, adobe premiere pro, etc. photoshop runs on both operating systems..
  7. danielos

    Solaris 10 DVD Set

    wow. jesus christ, it's a dvd.
  8. I just use it for file storage. I set up a public folder on samba so I could back up videos and dvds to it without much hassle.
  9. 1. ubuntu 7.04 fiesty fawn 2. ubuntu 6.06 dapper drake (on a super old computer being used as a server)
  10. Simon and Garfunkel- The Sound of Silence
  11. simon and garfunkel- richard cory
  12. Exactly what onecool said... i put the camera on the tripod and set the shutter speed to about 20 seconds or so.
  13. laptop: http://danielosullivan.com/31072.jpg desktop: http://danielosullivan.com/31007.jpg
  14. HP business computers never come with crap on them... and you can also choose linux or freedos
  15. Just acquired vista ultimate. The aero interface seems nice. The installation froze though and I got kind of scared, but it all seems to be running smooth(this is on a HP laptop with a core 2 duo processor at 2ghz, 1gb of ram and a 80gb hard drive) I'm glad there are these warning prompts before new programs start up though, so hopefully people will actually read these things and not let random crap run. Control panel seems like a step backwards from the XP one to me.. but whatever. the networking config area seems like a mess. Not all programs seem to support the aero effects. iTunes doesn't, atleast. other then those minor problems, it seems nicer than xp.
  16. I don't like how everyone is saying microsoft copied apple's dashboard. Like apple's was original in the first place.... anybody remember konfabulator?
  17. slick rick- children's story simon & garfunkel- i am a rock
  18. Bill gates said something interesting about the hd-dvd/blu-ray format war. He said it doesn't matter who wins, as this is the last optical format, and that flash memory is more important. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36930
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