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  1. I just need a cheap one that I can make due with until I build a new computer early to mid next year. At the same time I don't want something a huge step back from my Neo2... I may have found a used DFI board that I'm looking into.
  2. It's not AGP though I forgot to put that in my bolded part, too many things to remember I think I'm just going to look for a used one, I don't really want a VIA chipset and that puts my choices at 0. Thanks though.
  3. The first two were in a different case, this last one that latest the longest was in a Thermaltake Tsunami case. All the spacers are correct and nothing is touching, after the last two I made sure nothing was getting shorted. I'm guessing it's due to power fluctuations, and I need to get a UPS. Either way what's done is done, I just need a motherboard recommendation now, with the specs similar to what I already had or what I specified above. I don't want to RMA it (probably not warrantied anymore anyway) because I need it back very soon. Just want a cheap ATV motherboard that will suffice for awhile. I'd prefer it to run dual channel RAM.
  4. My specs are in my sig. Main parts are in bold if you don't want to read my novel of a post. Long story short, I built this computer about 3 years ago. Within a week, my Neo2 died on me. I got a replacement and that on lasted almost a month before dying as well. I got my third replacement and along with that I bought a good Enermax PSU. This one died on my last night after about two years. I had gotten a new Zune last night and I noticed that it wasn't charging when I plugged it in. I though, "Hmm, that's odd," and determined that my second USB port on top of my case had died. The first one died about a year ago. I didn't think much of it other than "Damn it," and I relocated my Zune to a port on the back. Well after I got back up from the floor, I saw that my ketboard (plugged into USB in back) also didn't work all of a sudden. For week it had been warning me about low batteries, so I grabbed some new ones and threw them in. Still nothing. I rebooted, still nothing. Then I switched THAT plug into another USB port and it worked fine. So that's two USB ports dying in a matter of minutes. After that I went downstairs to do something and came back up about an hour and a half later and saw that my PC was frozen. The time was stuck at 12:36; it was then 1:24. So it was frozen for about an hour. This has happened before, so I rebooted it and all I got were the spinning fans and LEDs on my disc drives lighting up, but the screen wouldn't display anything. No POST codes, no beeps, no nothing. I've tried only booting with the CPU, on stick of RAM, and my GPU connected and got nothing. Also let the CMOS reset. I'm guessing it's the motherboard and not my CPU or PSU. Now I need to get a new motherboard quickly because I need my computer. I figured I would get a x2 processor as well since my 3500+ has been annoying me and they're cheap. Can someone recommend me a motherboard that is full size ATX that will work with S939, has SATA, AGP, 184 pin RAM slots, and preferably 4 RAM slots? I'm not too keen on getting yet another MSI board but it seems this is my only choice: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=1569 This is the CPU I'm planning on getting for a small boost: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103543 I'm not looking to build a new computer, just replace the motherboard, and I may as well slightly increase the CPU as well. I just need this thing to last me until early to mid next year when I build a whole new one. Sorry for the book, but I figured if I wrote everything that happened it might answer any questions people may have.
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