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  1. I have been testing on this site for years. Almost always I score between 5,000Kbs and 7Kbs. Now with the new test, I have seen 20,000, 17,000 15,000. Though I would love for this to be true, I don't buy it! I tested this on my Dad's machine and his speeds are also running way too high. One is an XP machine the other is OS X.4.
  2. Well that assumes that Private Message means private from moderators etc... That it does not... I have run into this on other forums and it is pretty much the same everywhere. Things said in private are only private from the general viewing public. Otherwise much harm can be done on PC Pitstop Servers, and believe or not they can be held liable for it. So they have no choice but to monitor. Besides, not knowing the whole story it appears that the two involved knew they weren't supposed to post the advice and were simply trying to bypass the rules. They got caught, their wrists slap
  3. Guys... Hate to sound like a grown up and all, but rules are rules, they are part of life and this ain't a democracy and you don't run or pay for the servers they are providing this service on! I would hate to manage most of you. "oh I don't like that rule so I'll break it!, and just b__tch if I get caught! Come on!! Grow up!!! If you really want to help people suck it up and take the lessons. If you just want to be arrogant a---es then you have already reached the pinnacle of success!!!! I have been temporarily banned for not following the rules... MY BAD!!! Not theirs!!!! If
  4. I clicked... Suffering a nastly little disease myself, so I know the help is appreciated.
  5. Or for the rich and very frustrated... Buy new hard drive. Take out the old one and hit it with a ten pound sledge hammer. Effective and very good for stress!
  6. I know level three techs who have never gotten a peer to peer work on XP. I have never seen one operate myself. Sorry,but I am of little use. I use a router just to avoid that very problem.
  7. I have this trouble on and off with my three computer set up at home. Running Linksys wrt54g with one hard wired desktop, and 2 wireless desktops. I have never found a sure fire solution but... When you do the network set up wizard make sure all computers are connected to the hub both wirelessly and wired. Somehow, when XP writes the paths it makes a difference. Yes, I know this makes no sense but since when has IT been logical.
  8. Ahh... may have been wrong... Are you on a cable or DSL... almost sounds like your internet connection is bad through the router... That typically means 1 of two things. Your whole connection is bad... (that does not work here because you have internet when wired) or one of your connection settings is wrong in the router... IE. if on DSL sign on or password is incorrect... or the "stay connected" feature is not working. Let us know how it goes.
  9. If that does not solve your problem, load the software from the company that makes your router. They typically have their own connection wizards that are sometimes easier to understand the XP's.
  10. Are you trying peer to peer or are you using a router? If using a router let us know what model. Thanks
  11. You could try bypassing the router for day and see how it behaves to eliminate the router as the problem. Then reconnect the router with just 1 computer, then 2 and so on to see how much bandwidth you can support. My cable runs extraodinarily fast so I don't ever have issues and I run and average of 4 to 5 computer on it at once on a regular basis. Run the download and upload speed tests on the pcpitstop home page and see what your speeds are, that might be another clue as to the cause of your problem. B
  12. I may have missed it in the previous posts but is the network Encrypted. My father has a similar issue but it seems to get better and worse depending on the encryption status. I turn it on, it cycles about once an hour not dependant on location. I turn it off and the connection stays stable.
  13. If you are on a DSL connection that requires a PPPOE connection that your issue is really simple to solve. Go to the router set up, follow instructions in manual but if my memory is any good the ip is Then find the PPOE settings and go through wizard again, at the end of the page that sets up the PPPOE there is a button that automatically reconnects when your PPPOE resets on a daily or hourly basis depending on your provider. If not... I have no clue.
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