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  1. My Samsung Combo worked perfectly for a long time until it just stopped working for no reason
  2. Betamax (lol i still have these kind of tapes )
  3. why 8500 when you can get a better 8600?
  4. i built it sturdily. it just happened that i'm just too lazy to rearrange
  5. At day: At night: Closer: Needs a lot of wire management
  6. Enjoy At day: At night: Closer: dangerous (!) connections:
  7. nautilis loads somehat slow on my old p4 1.6
  8. as mouse said, the bios cannot (i think) support that large harddrive, unless you update your bios or install drive overlay software. 98 installed occupies less than 1GB of hard drive space (that it is if you copied the installation files, if not it would chew 600MB or less) i would only use a 20GB HDD, unless you want it to be your kid's main pc (like typing, doing projects etc) Win98 runs smooth with at least 64MB ram. Don't install with only 32MB of memory, or else it runs very slowly. Then install with the instructions posted by 8210.
  9. as Luis said, SLI doesn't function in every game. I would go for a single 8800gts card, though... Yes, it is cool. But at some games, the FPS is still the same as running a single card, which is totally waste. Why not get a 2900?
  10. 'ya can mail it to me, 9800 cards here aren't that cheap as yours.
  11. if you installed with a used cd, it is OK as long as you use another serial and activation numbers.
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