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  1. DraftSight now available: Free CAD software
  2. anyhow i did it thru fiddling with samba on both my machine and my friend's. thanks though
  3. the lubuntu has the laser printer (samsung clp-500) but it will be accessing files from the Win7 PC. also i have another linux distro installed to a friend (Legacy OS, based on Puppy) tied to a Win7 also with the same dilemma..
  4. dumb question: so i have to network 2 PCs, one with Lubuntu, the other with Win7 installed, how is it possible?
  5. We can use it for building a computer center for a school, can you ship it here in the Philippines? Thanks and have a nice day.
  6. the site will load, but will not start the test. -javascript is enabled -i don't have a firewall (lol) a lenovo 3000 g40 lappy t2080 yonah 1.73ghz 2gigs ddr2 dual-channel vista ultimate (crap) 120gigs harddrive firefox with latest updates
  7. i still prefer to use XP, many of my older games cannot work (or i can't find a workaround) on Vista.
  8. If you downloaded Hiren's Boot CD, there should be a dozen or more harddrive wipers there
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814129062 ati x1300 supports opengl 2.0 (fx5500s supports 1.5 only)
  10. I'm still using Sygate Firewall in our server, because i don't find any firewall supporting Windows 2k3
  11. I'm interested in the free Linux PC as i offer free basic linux tutorial in our community, and i wanted also to help the folding community.
  12. i would recommend upgrading to a new motherboard. spending a new video card, ram and cpu upgrades for an older socket is just almost the same as buying a new cpu+mobo+ram, and it will end up cheaper
  13. with that kind of system, it would be more useful to run vista (4gigs is a waste for xp, and to use DX10)
  14. my pc doesn't want to detect the printer, yet it installed the driver. i wanna change the printer port from lpt1 to usb (as to make this usable). how to do it? BTW i'm using an epson stylus c67 and windows 2003 server sp2 thanks for the help
  15. i tried to install our printer at our server (a windows server 2003 SP2 machine). when the add new device dialog pops up, it tries to search for the usbprint.sys file in the cd. i inserted the cd and directed it to the i386folder, but it wasn't there. anyone who has the file? thanks
  16. how did 'ya edited the desktop icons (i mean the names)?
  17. i guess you could put 98 first then if it is OK then go upgrade ti win2k
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