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  1. downloading the imagefiles of ubuntu studio and suse takes ages on my DSL connection will someone give me a copy of them by mail? i'll be very grateful thanks
  2. if you'd delete them from the vault, it will delete the quarantined malware. if you'd restore them then it will be back on the machine. most viruses came from mass storage devices and internet downloads.
  3. just keep Avira and dump AVG. reviews says it's superior than avg.
  4. if you didn't viewed the link you are pretty safe IMO. some links can infect your system immediately as you enter them, if you are using IE6
  5. i would recommend to upgrade to a pci-e motherboard, because you can't carry most of the parts you are having in your pc now
  6. there is a problem. the WUs are not registering on the program i downloaded from the fahmon.net website, and it is not updating also on the stanford's website. is this a problem? i joined the SETI team too.
  7. good thing you deleted that crap, but i think that their symantec corparate a/v is a much better product in their line.
  8. so it displays this error on installation: anyone?
  9. what is smp everyone is talking about? i'm using a hyperthreading procie and will it help out?
  10. running a *downloaded copy of server 2k3 (experience edition) from and using my own cdkeys. *sorry for the link
  11. Issued At: 5:00 a.m.,28 August 2007 Synopsis : At 2:00 AM today, a Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated at 330 kms west of Luzon (15.7ºN 116.5ºE) embedded along the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) affecting Luzon and Visayas. Metro Manila Cloudy with rainshowers & thunderstorms 23°C to 30°C Light to Moderate East-Southeast Manila Bay: Slight to Moderate Tropical Cyclone Update As of today, 28 August 2007 no tropical cyclone is threatening or affecting the Philippines Lately, 2 tropical storms have affected us.
  12. The computer connects to the network fine, but it doesn't display IP address, dns server, etc. Anybody know how to repair it?
  13. i have troubled installing Windows and Ubuntu before. When i ran memtest, it had many errors. It has been solved by simply cleaning the memory sticks (including the gold connectors) and by reseating them. try checking your memory. and even i push my processor to the limit (4.5ghz from 3.06ghz, 800fsb vs 400fsb WTH lol), i still have no probs (besides temp probs )
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