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  1. DraftSight now available: Free CAD software
  2. anyhow i did it thru fiddling with samba on both my machine and my friend's. thanks though
  3. the lubuntu has the laser printer (samsung clp-500) but it will be accessing files from the Win7 PC. also i have another linux distro installed to a friend (Legacy OS, based on Puppy) tied to a Win7 also with the same dilemma..
  4. dumb question: so i have to network 2 PCs, one with Lubuntu, the other with Win7 installed, how is it possible?
  5. We can use it for building a computer center for a school, can you ship it here in the Philippines? Thanks and have a nice day.
  6. the site will load, but will not start the test. -javascript is enabled -i don't have a firewall (lol) a lenovo 3000 g40 lappy t2080 yonah 1.73ghz 2gigs ddr2 dual-channel vista ultimate (crap) 120gigs harddrive firefox with latest updates
  7. i still prefer to use XP, many of my older games cannot work (or i can't find a workaround) on Vista.
  8. If you downloaded Hiren's Boot CD, there should be a dozen or more harddrive wipers there
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814129062 ati x1300 supports opengl 2.0 (fx5500s supports 1.5 only)
  10. I'm still using Sygate Firewall in our server, because i don't find any firewall supporting Windows 2k3
  11. I'm interested in the free Linux PC as i offer free basic linux tutorial in our community, and i wanted also to help the folding community.
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