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  1. Yes, I have elected to turn off Windows Antivirus, and use my own antivirus Software. This must be what it is detecting. Thanks again!!!
  2. I run what is called Spybot search and Destroy (Spybot S&D) every once and awhile, and this keeps coming up. Can anyone tell me if this has anything to with PCPitstops execution? Again, it is Windows Security Center Antivirus Overide. If so, should I leave it alone, or have S&D fix the problem?
  3. Ya, that seems logical, sorry, I'm new , O, by the way, I am running the latest version... Thanks for your help doug!!! You the Man!
  4. I just wiped my computer clean because Optimize was removing critical files from my registry, namely TypeLib's. Since I paid for the Optimizer, I thought I'd give it one more shot. I just got through downloading all of Microsoft's updates that had been removed because of my erasing of my hard drive, when the Optimizer went and removed all of the updates that I had just got through downloading, mostly security updates! What am I doing wrong? Please, any suggestions. All I am doing is running the Optimizer on the "Safe" setting. I just don't know.....
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