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  1. Ok well ive been browsing a bit and I yet to find a solution, Ive read THIS,THISandTHIS and I yet to fix it. Im using IE 6, I turned off firewalls, antispyware, popup blockers, checked the running plugins, I even installed IE 7 (beta v2, Which was a complete mess btw) and still no solution. Everytime I try to load the utility so I can run a test I get the security warning, of coarse I press yes and I get, "NOTE: If you are using Windows XP Service Pack 2, look at the top of this page and see if the yellow Information Bar is displaying a message about PC Pitstop. If so, click the Information Bar and select "Install ActiveX Control". " Yes I checked the troubleshooting page and everything, I do a "Active-X check" and I get "ActiveX is not supported" as shownHERE. I also dont get the "bar at the top where I click it and click install, But I get the security warning to run it or not. I have a laptop which has all the latest windows updates and such, and it runs great on there, I think the problem im having here is with my "ActiveX settings", All the settings in my "Security Settings" is correct I dont know whats going on, Theres one thing that I want to try but I dont know how, To downgrade IE6 to IE5 then upgrade back to IE6, I dont see anything related to IE when I go to add/remove programs, Also if that would help I would like to know how to, Im kind of stuck here any help?
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